BizBang Show 2023, the workshop themes presented

BizBang Show 2023
[:it]BizBang Show 2023[:]

To discover all the secrets of digital transformation, meet at BizBang Show 2023 from 8 to 9 November at the Allianz-MiCo in Milan.
The OnMetaverse Summit, dedicated to the infinite applications of the metaverse, AIXA, an Italian summit focused on the cases of application and use of Artificial Intelligence, and the SMXL kermess on digital marketing knowledge will also take place at the same time.

Digital transformation is innovation, competitiveness, employment, opportunities for young people. It is a space for renewal of businesses, public administration and citizens. An issue that concerns sales, marketing, internal and external communication, production processes and even products, which, whether they are services or material products, are all impacted by technological innovation. And all this implies a commitment to rethinking models and processes.
This and much more will be discussed during the BizBang Show 2023 where the various topics will be reviewed thanks to numerous dedicated sessions and round tables.
For example, in the meeting “The Human Side of Digital Transformation and the role of design” the considerations of the most visionary CEOs who are successfully applying digital transformation in the processes of their companies will be illustrated and design will be looked at as a factor capable of humanizing the digital phenomenon. Instead, we will talk about the supply chain and how it is changing the industry sectors in “Revolutionizing Supply Chain and Manufacturing with Smart Solutions”.
Space also for sustainability, an inevitable variable even when it comes to digital transformation, in “Sustainability in the Digital Age: Balancing ESG and Digital Transformation”.

Where are we at?

To concretely evaluate the advantages of digital transformation, BizBang Show 2023 will refer to industry experts, such as Eleonora Faina, general manager of Anitec-Assinform, sponsoring association of the event which represents the 85-90 % of the Italian digital market.
Faina, also a member of the Steering Committee, the guiding committee of the event, outlined the state of the art of this growing phenomenon and underlined its salient points, indicating to companies some aspects to always keep under control in order to overcome this challenge.
Today – according to Faina – digital transformation is an ongoing reality, it is no longer just a prospect. To be competitive on the market, companies must become aware of the need to change. Only in this way can the company invest in people’s skills, having within it people who can introduce change.
Furthermore, it is up to the company to choose the right partners, establishing collaborations with companies capable of providing solutions to implement innovative processes and propose a digital transformation that is suitable for its reality (by size, location, type of product sold).