Sana ED 2023: here are the numbers from the Italian market

Sana ED 2023
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At Sana ED 2023, from 7 to 9 September at BolognaFiere, Nomisma presented some data relating to the numbers of the organic market.
A market which, according to the numbers presented, continues to grow. This is confirmed by the data relating to agricultural surfaces, operators and exports.
The performance of the domestic market was also positive. Not only thanks to the driving force of away-from-home consumption (commercial and collective catering), but also of a recovery in value of domestic consumption, certainly driven by inflationary dynamics given the slight decline reported in volume in modern distribution.

Sana ED 2023: some numbers on the national market

Italy, with over 2.3 million hectares and the highest percentage of organic surfaces out of the total (19% against a European average of 12%), is now close to the target of 25% of surfaces invested in organic farming, envisaged by the Farm to Fork Strategy for 2030.
In 2022, organic food sales in the domestic market, which includes domestic consumption and out-of-home consumption, exceeded 5 billion euros, equal to 4% of global organic retail sales.
This year too, growth will be driven by out-of-home consumption which is close to 1.3 billion euros, marking a growth of +18% compared to 2022 linked to the leap forward in prices rather than to the increase in consumption opportunities. However, the recovery in domestic consumption is fundamental, which, after the slight decline last year (-0.8% in value compared to 2021), recorded a change of +7%. Also in this case the growth is to be linked above all to the inflationary push of the last year, confirmed by the decline in large-scale retail volumes (-3% in packs of organic products sold compared to the same period in 2022).

Sana ED 2023: where Italians shop

Modern distribution remains the first channel for Italians’ organic purchases, accounting for 58% of total sales linked to Italians’ domestic consumption.
In 2023, organic sales in the channel stood at 2.4 billion euros (+8% compared to 2022). (source: Nielsen IQ – data Year ending July 2023 omnichannel perimeter).
Hyper – super are the channel that, within modern distribution, conveys the majority of organic sales. Channel where 1.5 billion euros were exceeded in July 2023 (perimeter: packaged product at imposed weight – period: Year Ending July 2023; Source: NielsenIQ), +4% compared to last year. Discount stores are in second place in size, with organic sales of 319 million euros, +12% compared to the previous year (AT July). In third place was self-service with sales of 163 million (+2% Year Ending July).

Sana ED 2023: and what they prefer

The results of the Nomisma consumer survey on 1,000 Italian food purchasing managers showed how the consumer base of organic products has remained constant compared to last year (89% of the 18-65 year old population knowingly purchased at least one organic food product in the last year ).
Those who buy organic choose mainly based on origin. And so 29% select 100% Italian organic products, 17% those of local/0km origin, while 11% seek the further presence of the DOP/IGP brand.
The brand has also always played a fundamental role in the choice of organic products to put in the cart (8% prefer the industrial brand and 7% the supermarket brand)