Fieracavalli 2023: man-horse relationship

Fieracavalli 2023
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The run-up to Fieracavalli 2023, scheduled at the Verona Fair from 9 to 12 November 2023, began with the launch of the new promotional campaign for the 125th edition.
The most important event in the international equestrian scene has engaged the expert lens of photographer Toni Thorimbert to immortalize the different nuances of the man-horse relationship that make the show a transversal event, capable of attracting over 140,000 visitors every year from all over the world professional operators, sportsmen, technicians and enthusiasts.

The nine ambassadors of Fieracavalli 2023

From this project are born the nine author portraits that represent the different declinations of the equestrian passion.
Starting from 11 July and until the end of the event, the shots will be visible on the main national billposting circuits, in press campaigns and on the web.
Each photo tells a different story whose common thread is that elective affinity created between man and horse.
Like that of Ernesto with M. Doriano who talks about the ancient job of the butteri made of land, herds and tradition; while Stefano together with AC Mirak reveals the importance of the art of farriery. Lavinia and Ballantines 39 show the behind the scenes of grooming, care and love for horses.
At Fieracavalli 2023 the two young riders, Nicole and Anastasia, together with Spooks Gotta Diamond and Emperador, recall how western riding and the Doma Vaquera are the same expression of two different ways of experiencing horses and nature. The Arabian specimens are the subjects of the shot with Angelo, a historic Veronese breeder, and his Jasmine Z. The love for these animals knows no bounds: Pietro together with Mary thus become symbols of the Riding in The Blue project dedicated to assisted therapy with horses for the treatment of young people with autism spectrum disorder.
Finally, Isabel, a globetrotter who has always been a passionate “horse watcher”, is the emblem of a new generation of horse lovers who decide to relate to the horse simply by looking into its eyes. As she does with Queen.
Finally, to represent Jumping Verona, the only Italian stage of the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup, Fieracavalli 2023 has chosen the historic show director of the event, Riccardo Boricchi, to stage an exchange of glances intense with its Disign de Riverland.