63rd Mig – International Ice Cream Exhibition

63rd Mig
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Longarone Fiere Dolomiti and the ice cream maker Yuri Dal Pos with the Contaminazioni Stellate group presented in Conegliano, on the occasion of the “Primavera del Prosecco”, the “bubbly” ice cream made in 63rd Mig – International Ice Cream Exhibition, which will take place in 2023 from 26 to 29 November next.
Many and different flavors presented during the event in Conegliano and all sold out in a few hours. More than 500 cups of Prosecco ice-cream cocktail were literally devoured by the public present at the event, so much so that by mid-evening stocks were already over.

A supply chain that includes hundreds of companies

“We are on the “Via dell’oro”, made up of the Unesco Dolomites, the Prosecco Hills, Venice. Many excellences are concentrated in a small space that make us unique worldwide – underlined the president of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, Michele Dal Farra, speaking at the Fascetta d’Oro Award, an oenological competition for Prosecco production cellars – In this alliance between territories, Longarone Fiere Dolomiti and the 63rd Mig have made their contribution with artisan gelato and tradition, which knows how to team up and give life to interesting “contaminations”. Just like that of the Prosecco taste”.
Slightly alcoholic, fresh, suitable to accompany both savory dishes and fruit-based dishes or desserts, Prosecco ice cream is the symbol of a synergy that starts from Longarone Fiere Dolomiti and reaches as far as Venice.
“The exhibition center is at the service of the territory, and in this case of an enlarged territory, within a network for the promotion of excellence – continued Dal Farra -. Let’s not forget that behind an apparently simple product like homemade ice cream there is an entire supply chain that goes from machinery to those who produce cups, cones, spoons and stirrers… A supply chain that includes hundreds of Belluno and Veneto companies, another example of excellence to be to promote”.

Lots of topics

Meanwhile, the organizational machine of the 63rd Mig https://www.mostradelgelato.com/ is working at full speed.
The schedule of appointments that will be dedicated to next season’s trends is also being worked on.
Like the focus on chocolate, declined in all its forms. A process that can now be included in ice cream parlors thanks to modern equipment that takes up very limited space and that can find an attractive display with ever more efficient and functional display cases.
Another theme will concern the gelato maker-entrepreneur. Because producing the best ice cream is just one of the keys to success today. A further key to success is certainly that of adding to the word gelato maker that of entrepreneur. With this aim, training and reflection moments will be organized with various interventions, such as the one with Giacomo Tonelli, a business coach specialized precisely in the growth of the business in the ice cream sector, with thirty years of experience in supporting the transformation that is needed to go from ice cream maker to entrepreneur of the ice-cream.