Salone Franchising 2023 Milano future entrepreneur

Salone Franchising 2023 Milano
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Many opportunities to become an entrepreneur will be presented during the Salone Franchising 2023 Milano, which will be held from 19 to 21 October at the Allianz-MiCo in Milan.
Organized by Fiera Milano, the event dedicated to the world of franchising and retail will bring into play new emerging business models capable of responding to the needs expressed by a consumer who has revolutionized his purchasing behavior in recent years.
Several companies have already joined the 2023 edition of the event, offering their experience and range of products and services.
This offer will represent a showcase on the world of Italian franchising, providing aspiring entrepreneurs and those wishing to expand their business with a highly qualified choice.
To date, there are 70 brands with sectors ranging from large-scale distribution to business services, from food to beauty, from fitness to specialized trade.

Salone Franchising 2023 Milano: the large-scale distribution sector is at the forefront

Well-known brands, customer loyalty and an attentive and widespread presence on the territory: large-scale retail trade chooses the franchising formulas and relies on the salon to find new entrepreneurs capable of investing in future openings.
It is no coincidence that the main partner is Eurospin, one of the players in the sector.

“Franchising has been an integral and fundamental part of the Eurospin brand since its inception in 1993 and so it was for all the first 30 years of the company. However, since 2022 we have decided to set up a Team dedicated to the development and management of Franchising, with the aim of guaranteeing an ever greater capillarity of the network, reaching new areas and new basins. Franchising, in this sense, is the perfect complement to our direct development,” explained Alessandro Penasa, president of the Eurospin group.
The sign leads the consortium of large-scale retail brands present at the show. Among these Ard, Brico Io, Coop Lombardia and Crai Secom,

Franchising Salon 2023 Milano: the other proposals

Among the many proposals on display, the presence of realities that offer products and services in the food sector is important, such as Old Wild West, La Bottega del Caffè, Pizzikotto dedicated to pizzas and baked goods.
The consumer electronics sector will also be well represented with formulas ranging from the repair of the most popular devices (IPhone Clinic) to the regeneration of computers, cell phones and notebooks (Kenovo), to software for every activity (Nubble). There is no shortage of innovative digital technology providers to improve and enhance sales techniques (Are you satisfied?, Payprint, Sinesy).
At the Salone Franchising 2023 Milano there is also room for security, with digital alarm systems by Verisure.
There will be no lack of personal services: from Fresissima Oltre il Franchising, dedicated to quality dental services, to Iziwork, an intermediary specialized in temporary work, to Mister Lavaggio, which offers car washing at home.