Arte Fiera 2024 celebrates its first 50 years

Arte Fiera 2024
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Arte Fiera 2024 will celebrate its 50th anniversary, a milestone that no other art fair in Italy has yet reached, and that only two other fairs in Europe can boast of having surpassed.
In fact, it was 1974 when BolognaFiere decided to present a section dedicated to modern and contemporary art within what was then the Campionaria. An intuition that was greeted by immediate success.
And if in the first edition there were just ten galleries, the following year they had already grown to 200.

Arte Fiera 2024: an anniversary that looks to the future

Next year, therefore, the fair will celebrate its origins by revisiting the protagonists and events linked to its first editions in the Public Program, recalling the cultural climate of Bologna in the 1970s. A period in which the city was at the forefront of both visual art and architecture and design.
Alongside this, in addition to presenting the best of modern and current Italian art, the event will try to indicate new directions, once again opening up to foreign galleries, giving space to the novelties of performance, asking contemporary artists to create unpublished works.

A new course

Arte Fiera 2024, which will take place from 2 to 4 February, with a preview by invitation on the 1st, will pick up on the thread of the 2023 edition, which the press had considered a rebirth, awarded by collectors and returning to the pre-pandemic public turnout .
Both the location of the last edition, Pavilions 25 and 26, considered among the most elegant in the fairgrounds and traditionally associated with the fair, have been reconfirmed, along with the winning collaborations for 2023.
Starting with the one between the artistic director Simone Menegoi and Enea Righi, manager and collector of international level, as operational director. A combination that combines a curatorial approach with careful attention to all the organizational aspects of the fair: from the set-up to the catering, from the reception to the program dedicated to collectors.
Arte Fiera 2024, has also renewed its partnership with the National Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries, with which it has opened a permanent discussion table. Equally confirmed is the investment in communication, managed, for the part of the coordinated image, by the Milanese agency LeftLoft, and in the reception of both Italian and foreign collectors.

The Path space returns

The Main Section, divided as always between historicized and contemporary art, is flanked by the curated and invited sections Photography and Moving Images, Painting XXI, Multipli. The latter offers works in editions, ranging from artist’s books to author’s design.

At Arte Fiera 2024, alongside the three sections, Path returns, not a real section but, as already indicated in the title, an itinerary that connects a certain number of stands in the Main Section according to a thematic criterion.
The 2024 theme of this space will be drawing. That is, a transversal and universal language, which unites artists of different generations and languages.