WMF 2023 edition: the future in 10 pavilions

WMF 2023 edition
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WMF 2023 edition is the international fair and festival on technological and digital innovation that will bring the sector’s protagonists to the Rimini fair from 15 to 17 June. And among these the “computer eminence” who created the web infrastructure, namely Sir Tim Berners-Lee, known as the inventor of the World Wide.
A special participation that best fits into the context of the only certified international fair in Italy in the field of innovation.
An event that addresses the issues of digital, technological and social innovation thanks to over 1,000 speakers from all over the world, offering an exhaustive overview of the latest trends that are shaping our future.

The inventor of the WMF in Rimini

“Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s participation represents a significant moment not only for the WMF 2023 edition and its international community but for Italy in general – said Cosmano Lombardo, founder and CEO of Search On Media Group and creator of the event – His work and vision have profoundly impacted our lives, and we are thrilled to welcome him by hearing his thoughts on the future of technology and innovation and, by extension, global society.”
The presence of this character – Friday 16 June – represents an opportunity not only for technology enthusiasts, but also for entrepreneurs, innovators, ai & digital-tech sector professionals.
They will be able to listen directly from the source to the thought and vision of one of the greatest pioneers of the digital age, who in 1989 created the software that underpins the internet. The inventor thus gave birth to a technological and social revolution of which we are witnesses and users.

WMF 2023 edition: three days for a better future

Training internships, vision talks and comparison panels, thematic events on Artificial Intelligence, startups, cinema, space economy, creators, music. This and more will guarantee an immersive experience during the three days to explore the world of innovation at 360° and discover revolutionary ideas and solutions from the best experts in the sector.
The goal is to build a better, more sustainable and fair future.
The eleventh edition of the international fair will bring together representatives from 85 countries in Rimini. Ten exhibition pavilions that will host over 90 training stages, more than 600 exhibitors, 1,000 speakers from all over the world and 1,300 startups and investors.
Among the events scheduled at WMF 2023 edition https://www.wemakefuture.it/ there is also space for the AI Global Summit, an opportunity for Artificial Intelligence professionals, realities and curious to discuss its present applications and future prospects, delving into the impact it will have in countless industries and social spheres. While the Future Show will bring participants closer to the most futuristic technological attractions between robotics, with the presence of Robot Sophia, the humanoid that combines advanced robotics and AI.