Global Exhibitions Day 2023: June 7th

Global Exhibitions Day 2023
[:it]Global Exhibitions Day 2023[:]

Established in 2016, the Global Exhibitions Day 2023  takes place again this year on the first Wednesday of June,  on 7 June in Rome, in the Sala del Tempio di Vibia Sabina and Adriano of the Chamber of Commerce. Its task is to promote the visibility of the trade fair sector locally, regionally and on a global scale. In recent years, it has seen activations and activities by industry players in over 100 countries and regions around the world.
This year, the eighth edition of GED will have as its overarching theme “We manage meeting places and markets for all”.

Global Exhibitions Day 2023: the future of the sector

The key asset of the project is above all that of serving the industries by facilitating connections between exhibitors and visitors. This allows you to present products and services, establish contacts and business, develop reputation and promotion. Because industries need events for their development.
The events also offer important economic and social benefits for the host localities, particularly in terms of jobs and tax revenues.
While from an environmental point of view, trade shows are a sustainable way of doing business. In fact, going to one place to meet several people reduces multiple trips thus saving time and money.
Finally, as the industry works to reduce its environmental footprint through the Net Zero Carbon Initiative, events and exhibitions are places to work to find solutions to the climate crisis.

Global Exhibitions Day 2023: what is the role of trade fairs?

Michael Duck, chairman of UFI, the Union of International Trade Fairs which brings together trade fair districts and organizers at an international level, the most important national and international organizations in the sector, including Aefi “Since we launched this event in 2016, it has grown in scope and relevance and the campaign has been instrumental in keeping decision makers aware of us during the dark times of the pandemic. Now, after the post-pandemic recovery, GED allows us to focus and highlight the critical role we play for every industry, every community we serve.
More than ever, we have an opportunity to be seen by policy makers and decision makers as the important industry that we are. I encourage everyone to participate in this year’s activities.”
In the meantime, the Union is preparing to meet the world of trade fairs in Cairo for the 70th congress.