Cosmofarma Exhibition 2023: the channel changes

Cosmofarma Exhibition 2023
[:it]Cosmofarma Exhibition 2023[:]

This year Cosmofarma Exhibition 2023, from 5 to 7 May in the Bologna exhibition center, has chosen to focus on “Sustainable Interconnections”. In other words, what the future of the pharmacy will be like as an online health facility integrated with the entire National Health Service.

Over 400 exhibitors, 5 pavilions occupied and 26,682 registered visitors, many of whom took part in over 100 conferences in which 200 speakers took turns.
Numbers that mark a definitive return to the pre-pandemic phase and confirm the event as a reference in the field of Health Care, Beauty Care and all services related to the world of pharmacy.

Cosmofarma Exhibition 2023 was an edition that represented an opportunity for discussion on the future of pharmacies. A very near future, as the many speakers recalled, not only because the pharmacy proved to live up to expectations during the emergency period, but also because pharmacists made the most of that experience to face the evolution of the channel .

A rewarded effort

This was the central theme around which all the institutional meetings organized in collaboration with the partner associations developed. Among these Fofi, whose president Andrea Mandelli declared: “We have always claimed to be the gateway to the NHS and we have concretely demonstrated this in recent years by winning the challenge that Covid has posed to Italian healthcare. There is great pride in the results we have achieved and in the additional goals we can achieve together. Italian citizens have recognized and appreciated our commitment”.

Cosmofarma Exhibition 2023: the “pharmacy of services” is born

Concept underlined by the national president of Federfarma, Marco Cossolo: “We see the pharmacy of services as an access point because it is already digitized and connected to the network. To seal this evolution, the role of the pharmacy must be clearly defined: to the green cross we will add the wording “pharmacy of services” so that citizens can immediately identify it as a nearby health center where they can find answers to their health needs, both through telemedicine, both through the dispensing of medicines which, let us not forget, represents the roots of our profession”.
The packed conference rooms and workshops of Cosmofarma Exhibition 2023 also confirmed the interest in updating and information on the part of pharmacists. And this edition in particular, as underlined by Eugenio Leopardi, president of Utifar, has highlighted how the role of the pharmacist is evolving: a profession in which training therefore plays a fundamental role.