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We Make Future 2023
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The mainstage schedule of the 11th edition of WMF – We Make Future 2023, from 15 to 17 June at the Rimini fair, promises to be full of authoritative characters and unmissable moments.
In fact, the international fair and festival on technological and digital innovation includes dozens of speakers and guests who will bring visions, studies and new ideas for the future to the main stage from all over the world. An event, which is preparing to welcome over 60,000 participants and a parterre of more than a thousand speakers arriving from 85 countries.
Among the already confirmed personalities, it should be mentioned Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, who will speak on June 16 bringing his experience and his idea of web development, offering an analysis of current trends and prospects future of his creature.

Technological innovation hand in hand with the social

Also in We Make Future 2023 the mainstage, whose activities will be translated into LIS thanks to the professionals of Rai Accessibility, will offer a complete overview of the current world and of what will come through the analysis and discussion of numerous issues of technological innovation, digital and social.
Ample space will be dedicated to the discovery of new technological tools, advanced robotics, technology transfer and open innovation, AI applications for various sectors and its regulation. We will talk about robotics, data and privacy, and a human-centric approach to artificial intelligence.
“Technological and digital innovation makes no sense if it is not applied to produce social innovation, generating a positive impact on the community”. From this concept, the common thread of the 11 editions, the WMF – We Make Future 2023 www.wemakefuture.it project has always developed, which also and above all on the mainstage brings to the attention projects of activism, scientific studies with a global impact and virtuous examples of social commitment.
Chiara Putaturo, EU Inequality and Tax Policy Advisor of OXFAM, will also be among the voices and realities that will inspire a concrete and global change, who will present the new global report on inequalities, highlighting the increasingly accentuated social polarization of wealth in Italy and in the world.

Creator Economy and regulation of professions

There will also be numerous guests from the world of content creation on the main stage of We Make Future 2023 who, through talks, interviews and panels, will offer an overview of the Digital-Tech sector with a focus on its best known and loved professionals. Among the guests already announced also the content creator & writer Camihawke, the content creator & Founder at Breaking Italy Alessandro Masala, the creators and gamers Favij, Jakidale and Pow3r and, finally, Luca Gervasi, content creator and face chosen by Monge as brand ambassador digital branding campaigns on social media.