Oroarezzo 2023: focus on training

Oroarezzo 2023
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There will be several key issues that will be debated at Oroarezzo 2023, from 13 to 16 May at Arezzo Fiere e Congressi. At the international event dedicated to the production of gold, silver and jewelery made in Italy, organized by the Italian Exhibition Group, there will be talks, for example, of how to attract young talents and bring the new generations closer to the many opportunities offered by the gold and jewelery sector.
The event therefore renews the commitment to support the Italian goldsmith and jewelery by promoting initiatives related to young people, their involvement and their professional growth within companies.
According to data from a recent mapping carried out at national level by Confindustria Federorafi, the number of new jobs required by goldsmith companies to deal with generational turnover in the next 5 years is close to 10% of the total current workforce. An urgent problem, to be tackled with systemic action, starting with training.

Oroarezzo 2023: opening the doors to young people

To attract the youngest, on May 16 the organizers of the 42nd edition of the fair will propose a day dedicated to schools, who will have the opportunity to visit the fair. They will also have the opportunity to participate in the meeting on “The training of young people in the goldsmith district of Arezzo” organized in collaboration with the Arezzo-Siena Chamber of Commerce, the Provincial Council of Goldsmith and Silversmith Manufacturers of Arezzo and the Tuscany Region School Office.
In the Auditorium of the exhibition center that hosts Oroarezzo 2023 www.oroarezzo.it, Giordana Giordini, pro-tempore president of the Council of goldsmith and silversmith producers of Arezzo, will alternate with Massimo Guasconi, president of the Arezzo-Siena Chamber of Commerce, and Roberto Curtolo, MIUR manager at the Tuscany Region School Office.
And again: Aldo Frigeri, director of the ITS TAB Foundation, Paolo Torriti, director of the Masters in Jewelery History, Design and Marketing, University of Siena, and Sergio Petronilli, Logis 3D, expert and trainer in 3D modeling for the goldsmith sector.

Young talents competing

The “Première for creativity and jewelery design” competition is also focusing on young talents this year. In the new Talents category of Oroarezzo 2023, the students of three training courses of local goldsmith schools will be tested: the Master in History, Design and Marketing of Jewelery of the University of Siena – Campus of Arezzo, the professional Margaritone and the Liceo Statale Piero della Francesca, both in Arezzo.
Each school comes up with up to 5 drawings of valuable projects. The most deserving will be given the opportunity to create their jewel, free of charge, thanks to the collaboration of partner companies in the area.