Assemblea soci Fiera Bolzano 2022 sums up

Assemblea soci Fiera Bolzano
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On the occasion of the annual Assemblea soci Fiera Bolzano 2022 shareholders’ meeting the 2022 final balance was approved with a production value of 9,408,701 euros. An overall positive economic balance, even if a – relatively small – loss of 191,241 euros was recorded due to the cancellation of some exhibitions in the first half of the year due to the pandemic.
In fact, due to the pandemic, the years 2020 and 2021 were undoubtedly among the most challenging in the almost 75-year history of the trade fair institution. This is demonstrated by the fact that the original Fiera Campionaria, the current Autumn Fair, has always taken place throughout its 75-year history, with the exception of 2020 and 2021.

Assemblea soci Fiera Bolzano 2022: growing starting with Interpoma

“Despite an overall difficult context, the 2022 financial year also ended satisfactorily from an economic point of view – underlined the chairman Armin Hilpold -. The positive trend in the second half of the year and the events business, which far exceeded expectations, make us confident for the future. And they also confirm the thesis that the personal encounter remains an indispensable element of human activity, despite the countless possibilities for digital exchange”.
Although the 2022 business year was characterized by many challenges, an upward trend was recorded, especially in the second half of the year.
The flagship was Interpoma, an international fair aimed at the apple industry, held in November 2022, which exceeded expectations. In many respects, it even performed better than the last pre-Covid edition.

Assemblea soci Fiera Bolzano 2022: the FieraMesse Studios are born

The first half of the year was still heavily influenced by the pandemic, which led to some changes in the trade fair calendar.
Like the cancellation of Prowinter and Alpitec China and the postponement of Klimahouse to May.
However, considering the year as a whole, the exhibition business developed satisfactorily, so it can be assumed that the situation is destined to stabilize and improve constantly.
At the Assemblea soci Fiera Bolzano, the development in the events sector was excellent: the investment made with the new H1 Eventspace has in fact further increased the attractiveness of the district. Together with the MEC Meeting & Event Center, third-party events in the exhibition halls and appointments at Brasserie 1857, the “events” division recorded more than 50,000 visitors in addition to the fairs.

As for investments, the FieraMesse Studios were inaugurated in the spring of 2022, a recording studio for digital events and the production of podcasts, also available for rent to third parties.