Milano Unica edition 2023 defines the contents

Milano Unica edition 2023
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Milano Unica edition 2023  is preparing for the next edition – from 11 to 13 July at Fieramilano Rho – and has chosen a strong identity concept to illustrate the collections for next autumn/winter 2024-2025.
Starting from the concepts of sharing, sense of belonging, acceptance, diversity and inclusion, we arrive at the definition of the contents of Mu Community.
The starting point is the individual, with his characteristics and sensitivity, with his specificities and curiosities.

An event, therefore, that looks to people to reaffirm the humanistic concept of the centrality of man and the environment that surrounds him, as a starting point for every action and project.

More and more international

The official data regarding Milano Unica edition 2023 confirm the recovery of some countries with a very sharp increase in attendance from Korea, in addition to the decidedly important data from Japan (+423%), the USA (+143%), Great Britain (+77%) Germany (+67%), and France (+32%).
The event is preparing to repeat and improve the results of the last edition, which was held from January 31st to February 2nd, where the Spring/Summer 2024 collections were shown. The 36th edition of the reference fair for fabrics and of high-end accessories for women’s and men’s clothing, in fact recorded a growing number of visitors, especially from abroad, with +47.5% on the February 2022 edition. Visitors also did well with 1,500 buyers from abroad (+105%) and 3804 from our country (+33%). 475 international exhibiting companies presented their collections of high-end fabrics and accessories for spring/summer 2024.

Milano Unica edition 2023: three Communities at the center of this edition

“I am convinced that starting from the individual means putting at the center the emotions that generate that driving force, capable of giving valuable content to any type of product. I believe that by now it is essential that everything that is elaborated and produced must serve the respect for nature and the physical and spiritual well-being of the individual to improve the quality of life of every single person and therefore of the community, understood as a place for sharing of fundamental values and principles, starting with ecological sensitivity”, underlined Stefano Fadda, artistic director of the event.
Real or virtual, among others, Milano Unica edition 2023 has identified three archetypal forms of Community. Very different from each other, but united by the sense of belonging and the desire to share the same experiences: Family Community, Culture Community, Night Community.
The family as the primary nucleus of the community, as a reassuring place to live and rest. With an “innocent” aesthetic, he inspires the women’s collections and accessories.
The Culture Community, immersed between the past and the future, defines a present rich in history and tradition, but equally avant-garde, in search of the best materials and the most refined and innovative combinations. Finally the Night Community, with an after dark atmosphere and a precise style.