Mida 2023, almost 70,000 visitors

Mida 2023
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Mida 2023, the 87th International Craft Show, from April 25 to May 1 at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, closed with a more than positive balance. In fact, a plus sign both in terms of exhibitor satisfaction and public attendance, with many more visitors who crowded the pavilions and historic rooms of the Fortress.

A slimmer format

The success of Mida 2023, which saw around 70,000 visitors in just 7 days of the event versus the traditional 9, confirms the path taken by the organizers, which focuses on the excellence of the artisan world in a unique context such as the Fortezza da Basso .
“The synergies established not only with institutions and trade associations but also with important museums such as the Bardini Museum, the prestige of the collateral exhibitions and the cultural value of the workshops and conferences on topical issues such as the metaverse and sustainable restoration, have made it possible to achieve the set objectives of growth in terms of quality and numbers as well as affirmation in important international markets such as the United States, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Korea, etc. “said Lorenzo Becattini, president of Florence Fair.

Protect craftsmanship

“In 2018 we asked Firenze Fiera for an effort to redevelop Mida 2023 – added Giacomo Cioni, president of CNA Firenze Metropolitana – which has translated, over the last few years, into a work of selecting the participants and, for the institution, in an economic sacrifice to be sustained as an investment. Now we are collecting the results of that effort and the event is now at full speed, as confirmed by the numbers and quality of the exhibitors”.
Against this, however, another step forward can be taken, developing the international character of Mida 2023 , which could, for example, welcome within it a moment of economic, cultural and scientific reflection. “A sort of states general of craftsmanship at European level” as underlined by Cioni. Because, by protecting craftsmanship, we protect small entrepreneurs and also that knowledge “that must be passed on to future generations and that entrepreneurial model that still today represents over 95% of our production”.

Engage the city

Midas 2023 https://mostrartigianato.it/ has therefore been reconfirmed as an important appointment for many Florentines and beyond.
Also this year the event has confirmed that it is a pole of attraction for artisans not only in the area but also internationally. This is confirmed by the many presences and long queues since the opening which confirmed the city’s interest in the works of the artisans.
“The important thing now is to get to work immediately for the next edition, trying to expand and involve the city even more in this important event which testifies how craftsmanship still occupies an important place in the hearts of many Florentines and beyond”, is the comment of the president of Confartigianato Firenze, Alessandro Sorani.