Ecomondo 2023 and the ecological transition

Ecomondo 2023
[:it]Ecomondo 2023[:]

Ecomondo 2023 will open its 26th edition from 7 to 10 November at the Rimini Fair with some new features, starting with the payoff, which reads “The Ecosystem of the Ecological Transition”. From the valorisation of waste into resources to the regeneration of soils and agro-forestry and food ecosystems, from energy obtained from biomass to the use of waste as secondary raw materials. And again: the entire integrated water cycle and environmental monitoring, the protection of the seas and water environments in their essential function for food sustenance and human economic activities.
This and more will be on display in the international exhibition organized by the Italian Exhibition Group and dedicated to industrial technologies and services for the circular economy.
Furthermore, Ecomondo 2023 will be the first edition during which the event will occupy the entire exhibition centre, after renewable energies found their independent place in the sector expo calendar with K.EY, held in March.
Among the thematic areas, the Water and SAL.VE sectors stand out in particular in this edition.
In the first, visitors will find the entire supply chain of water resources: from collection to return and reuse, with an emphasis on digital transformation, a key element for improving management. The main national and international utilities and trade associations, including Utilitalia, will be protagonists with a calendar of seminars.
In the biennial SAL.VE area, the main manufacturers brands exhibit vehicles for ecological services for the collection and disposal of waste and refuse collection; and test drives outside.

Focus on districts

Ecomondo 2023 will also give space to three industrial districts for which the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security has given the go-ahead with a contribution to 160 projects considered “beacons” for the circular economy.
This is the WEEE District with a specific focus on repowering technologies and new plants for recycling waste from electrical and electronic equipment, photovoltaic panels and wind turbine blades. While in the Paper District, in collaboration with Comieco, at the center there will be systems for the collection, logistics and recycling of paper and cardboard,
Finally, a thematic itinerary will be dedicated to the production of plastics, with a focus on recycling plants and marine litter.

Mission: to innovate

Ecomondo 2023 also becomes an incubator and facilitator of innovative projects. In fact, the Start-Up and Scale-Up Innovation area in the new East entrance is reconfirmed and strengthened. Companies and investors will have a new and broader platform for dialogue to help the new generation of innovative companies grow.
In the 2023 edition, over 50 start-ups are expected in Rimini. IEG promotes the initiative with ICE Agenzia, and has ART-ER (Attractivity Research Territory, regional agency of Emilia-Romagna) and Confindustria as main partners, to which is added the collaboration with ANGI to enhance innovation at 360 degrees.