e-P Summit 2023: focus on innovation

e-P Summit 2023
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e-P Summit 2023, the Pitti Immagine appointment dedicated to the relationship between fashion and the digital world, will take place on 18 and 19 April at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence.
This year’s edition, dedicated to “Shaping the digital future of Fashion”, once again offers itself as a reference forum for dialogue between tech companies and the fashion world. The 2023 event develops from the new course presented in May 2022, in Florence, with a renewed format and the scientific direction of Rinaldo Rinaldi, professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Florence. Rinaldi has been working for years on the relationship between fashion and luxury brands and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) for the digital transition of the entire supply chain.
e-P Summit 2023 combines, using an unprecedented formula, moments of in-depth study and direct comparison. In fact, the IT teams and employees of companies and all those interested in digital tools applied to the world of fashion and luxury will be able to meet innovation suppliers directly to discover the best software and hardware solutions for their business.

A high level comparison

“In the last 2 or 3 years the pace of technological changes has increased further – recalled Raffaello Napoleone, managing director of Pitti Immagine –. And this dynamic, combined with the criticalities registered in the real production processes, with the supply chain bottlenecks spread over several continents , have made the centrality of digital innovations for the development of business in fashion and luxury even more evident.
This is why e-P Summit 2023 has become an irreplaceable appointment, because it is a high-level, specialized and segmented discussion between the protagonists and users of those innovations. In Pitti’s portfolio, it therefore represents an integration of the services we provide to the fashion system”.

The role of Artificial Intelligence

Many themes scheduled in the two days. We will talk about the new strategies to customize and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in the light of the new cookie policies; of the potential of 3D. The issues relating to procurement will be explored; the control of digital distribution in retail; to social & hybrid commerce. Without forgetting recycling and durability and how to plan for sustainability.
Among the partners of e-P Summit 2023 https://epsummit.pittimmagine.com/it, in addition to Unicredit, there will also be Meta, which builds technologies that help people connect with each other and create communities, as well as offering companies a number more and more opportunities to grow your business and connect with customers.
As a partner, in this edition Meta will hold sessions for the Scientific Committee on the topics of artificial intelligence and machine learning, to explore how companies can take advantage of these new technologies for business objectives