Welfair 2023: what will be the future of healthcare

Welfair 2023
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Welfair 2023 will take place from 18 to 20 October at Fiera Roma. A fair focused on “making” healthcare, the first of its kind in Europe.
Organized by Fiera Roma and Experience, in collaboration with LTM&Partners and iDea Congress, it will bring together all the players involved in the various stages of the healthcare supply chain in a renewed format.
Bring together the administrators of public governance, representatives of medical scientific societies, technology companies so that they can discuss the individual processes that involve them at different levels of the healthcare supply chain: this is the mission of the Roman appointment.
Because healthcare is a process of collective intelligence and its complexity requires coordination between all the actors and actresses involved.
The product of this collaboration is fundamental for the sustainability of the NHS, the quality of life of the population and the industrial development of Italy in the strategic field of medical technologies.

Welfair 2023: many targets involved

In fact, doctors, medical scientific societies, health institutions and sector managers will work closely with start-ups, high tech and IT multinationals to propose and find solutions on individual health processes and on the major development axes of the National Health Service .
The innovation of treatments and the challenge of harmonizing the growing complexity will be the leitmotif of the event. At the center of everything will be the citizens, for whom access to medical devices, therapies and latest generation medical technologies will become easier.
In the final analysis, his role, as recalled by Fabio Casasoli, sole director of Fiera Roma, organizer of Welfair 2023, will also “have an impact on the country system, being the first in Europe to adopt a cutting-edge model of comparison between healthcare players to which time is ripe. The city will also be enriched by a first-level trade fair event, re-appropriating a theme, Healthcare, which has its rightful place in the Capital”.
Many themes at the center of the three days: Pnrr, telemedicine, industry 4.0, healthy ageing, differentiated autonomy, investment in security and risk management. Without forgetting digitization and cyber risk, the use of artificial intelligence and the future of home and territorial assistance.

Better collaboration

Welfair 2023 https://www.romawelfair.it/ is innovative both in philosophy and in method thanks to the interpenetration between the exhibition and congress part but also to a concrete approach in the management of the discussion tables.
Moments that will be streamlined, participatory and focused to lead to a real exchange of knowledge between the various stakeholders.
The primary objective of the fair, as Mariangela Castiglione, co-founder of Experience underlined, is to allow the actors involved to understand not only the work, but also the needs of the counterparts for better collaboration.
Furthermore, innovation will not only be at the center of the debates, but it will be possible to touch it firsthand, in the stands of the companies that will be exhibiting technological products and services dedicated to the world of healthcare.