Cosmofarma 2023, solidarity in the pharmacy

Cosmofarma 2023
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Cosmofarma 2023 is the leading event in the field of Health Care, Beauty Care and all other services related to the world of pharmacy, scheduled at Bologna Fiere from 5 to 7 May.
Inside it will host some initiatives focused on the solidarity commitment of pharmacists towards people exposed to greater fragility. During these difficult years, Italian pharmacists have been able to respond to emergencies by best interpreting their professional role in the field of proximity healthcare.

The first edition of the “Solidarity Pharmacist” award

Already last year, Cosmofarma had allocated part of the proceeds from the event’s ticket office to the Francesca Rava Foundation’s Ukraine project.
This year, on the occasion of the Cosmofarma 2023 Awards, the “Solidarity Pharmacist” award will be presented for the first time on 5 May. In collaboration with the Francesca Rava Foundation — NPH Italia ETS, it will award the pharmacist who best played the role of local health service operator in support of children and families struggling with health problems caused by climate change. Among them: respiratory, dermatological and immune problems.
In fact, the central theme of the Francesca Rava Foundation’s 2022 campaign “In Pharmacy for Children” is “One Planet, One Health”. And in 10 years, 12,000 pharmacies have been involved throughout Italy as places of proximity service par excellence and promoters of initiatives in support of prevention and well-being.

The new partnership with Race for the Cure

Another special initiative is Cosmofarma 2023 SportZone & Benessere. Dedicated to sport in pharmacies, this year it is enriched by the new partnership with Race for the Cure, the main sporting event for the fight against breast cancer in Italy and in the world. Initiative that takes place under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic in Rome, Bari, Bologna, Brescia, Naples and Matera.
Thanks to this social event, over the last 23 years it has been possible to launch over 1500 new research, prevention and support projects throughout Italy for women experiencing breast cancer.
The committee of the Emilia-Romagna Region of Komen Italia, with its president, Carla Faralli, will meet the audience of Cosmofarma and will explain the importance of sporting activity as a form of cancer prevention and the fundamental role played by screening as a form of breast cancer prevention.
At Cosmofarma 2023 the collaboration with Banco Farmaceutico is also confirmed. A reality born in 2000 thanks to the commitment of a group of young pharmacists who recognizes and feels the need to respond to a problem that was still very underestimated at the time: health poverty. Poverty which means not having access to the necessary medical care, but also having difficulty finding the same medicines.