55th Vinitaly Verona “invades” the city

55th Vinitaly Verona
[:it]55th Vinitaly Verona[:]

All of Italy’s wine in the calendar of events and tastings of the 55th Vinitaly Verona, at Veronafiere from 2 to 5 April. A complete journey from North to South, including the islands, to discover the immense varietal heritage of the Belpaese.
An event born in Verona, but with an international vocation, which in the last 50 years has become synonymous with the involvement of the entire global wine supply chain.
Four days dedicated to developing relationships between producers, buyers and stakeholders to share experiences and skills.

A fair for all tastes

Over 80 appointments scheduled during the 55th Vinitaly Verona dedicated to wines and spirits, starting with the daily Grand Tastings.
Also confirmed are the walk around tasting of the Orange Wine Festival (April 3), masterclasses dedicated to the art of mixing in the Mixology area (2nd floor Palaexpo) and the appointments of the Micro Mega Wines section, created by the wine writer Ian d’ Agata to highlight small niche productions, in limited editions and of the highest quality. Finally, space in the Organic Hall (pavilion F) for tastings dedicated to organic wines organized by Vinitaly 55th Vinitaly Verona in collaboration with Vi.Te and FederBio.
The new generations are instead the focus of Young to Young, three tasting sessions created by journalists Paolo Massobrio and Marco Gatti. At the center is the story of ten young wine producers who are confronted with the new generation of social wine writers.
At Vinitaly Tasting – The DoctorWine Selection the heterogeneity and typicality of Italian wine production is concentrated. An area organized by Veronafiere in collaboration with Daniele Cernilli and reserved for operators and buyers in the horeca sector.

The tastings guided by the press

At the 55th Vinitaly Verona https://www.vinitaly.com/ the appointments organized by the foreign press in collaboration with the organizing body have been confirmed.
Kicking off on 2 April with the meeting “Champagne, from the perspective of the vintages”, protagonist of the tasting led by the French magazine Gilbert&Gaillard, while the classic method of the most important denominations is at the center of the tasting of Vinum, the reference magazine for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
The “Ex…Press Seminar” (4 April) will close the tasting program with a selection of exemplary labels of the wine of the future but always able to win over old and new consumers.

The off-show of Vinitaly

Also in the 55th Vinitaly Verona the appointment with “Vinitaly and the City” is back. The off-show divided into four days of tastings, meetings and events spread across the heart of Verona. During the “event within the event” many appointments that will involve visitors in a journey to discover the excellent wines and the beauties of the most significant places in the historic center of Verona, a Unesco World Heritage city.