Cibus Connecting Italy: food innovations meet in Parma

Cibus Connecting Italy

Cibus Connecting Italy
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Cibus Connecting Italy is preparing to welcome over 20 thousand visitors arriving from all over the world with their destination in Parma, where the international exhibition of made in Italy food will take place from 29 to 30 March.
There will be 1000 brands on display with 500 new products, 100 of which will be selected and on display in the “Cibus Innovation Corner” area.

This trade fair project aims to convey the needs and experiences of production, industry and distribution around a single table to work on the delineation of new scenarios for the world of food.

Know-how and innovation

Cibus Connecting Italy is organically made up of two souls. The first is undoubtedly the experiential and immersive one in the tradition and in the “know-how” of the made in Italy agri-food. By visiting the fair, an operator can understand, explore and above all touch the roots of Authentic Italian food & beverage. Raw materials, semi-finished ingredients and processed products are, in fact, at the center of both the exhibition activity and the numerous “Cibus Destinations on the Road”, reserved for hundreds of foreign buyers in the various territories.
The second soul is linked to its role as a networking and mutual exchange platform. The central theme of the fair is precisely the ability of the food industry and the entire supply chain to create and offer innovative and tailor-made products, capable of meeting the premium demand from the domestic and foreign markets. Under the magnifying glass the catalog of new products and the Innovation Corner, display of the 100 most interesting product innovations, evaluated and selected by a jury of experts. Cibus Connecting Italy, in collaboration with Le Village By Crédit Agricole, reserves ample space for start-ups, authentic laboratories of innovation and drivers of fascinating sustainable projects often with a very high innovation coefficient.

The five macro trends

There are many product claims surveyed in the catalog of new products, and among these the health trends and the growing attention to sustainability and new packs are undoubtedly confirmed.
At the same time, the trend linked to the enhancement of local flavors, expression of territories, traditions and tastes characteristic of Made in Italy, shows no signs of abating. The innovative products will be presented in a special catalog on the site, complete with description and photos.
The Top100 selection of Cibus Connecting Italy, curated by a jury of experts, has identified the five macro trends emerging from new productions.
It starts with Healthy & Natural, which collects references with a high healthy content; Territory Valorization is instead a common thread that tells Italy through its most typical products. The Better for Us macro trend is a set of products with outstanding sustainability profiles and/or a plant-based matrix;, while Unguilty Pleasures is a review of indulgence references, which wink at the sweet tooth without (too many) senses of guilt. Finally, Horeca Revolution, a gallery of innovations designed for the out-of-home channel.