Esxence 2023, the best of artistic perfumery

Esxence 2023

Esxence 2023
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A reference event for artistic perfumery worldwide, Esxence 2023 – The Art Perfumery Event  is preparing to open its doors for the 2023 edition, from 30 March to 2 April in the spaces of Allianz MiCo, Milan Convention Centre.
Exclusive showcase of the best designer perfume production, it is ready to face future challenges and present itself to the international community of operators and enthusiasts in the name of the most authentic and sophisticated olfactory culture.

Main and emerging brands

Numerous innovations, starting from the participation. In fact, there are over 280 brands from 30 countries, some of which are new entries, such as Kazakhstan, Singapore, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia.
Also this year, the Esxence app will be available in an updated and more complete version, created to channel all useful information: the map of the exhibition space, the programme, the conference calendar, the list of brands and press releases.
The best of the artistic perfumery sector will be represented by the historic and emerging parent companies, selected on the basis of the quality of the proposals and the distribution criteria.
In over 8,000 square meters of MiCo, together with the main brands, the public of distributors, buyers, operators and enthusiasts will have the opportunity to get to know the spotlight, emerging and innovative brands. 70% of them come from abroad, confirming the fair as the only opportunity to make themselves known on the international scene.

Sight and smell

The guiding concept of this 13th edition of Esxence 2023 will be “Iridescent”. A verbal game that brings together the words “Iride” and “Scent”, which recall light and perfume, and which together create the concept of iridescence.
Sight and smell enter into relationship. Just as sometimes looking through a ray of light it is possible to discover colors that were not visible until a moment before, in the same way through perfume we can experience unique sensations, perceive the world with a new sensibility.

Esxence 2023 is a place of excellence, a meeting place and an exchange of ideas. And it is also a space for business. Worldwide, the incidence of artistic perfumery on the global beauty market is still below 2%, but its incidence on alcoholic perfumery is constantly growing, reaching points that average around 10% in many countries.
In our market, which certainly has the longest specific activity in the sector, it has reached important levels. In 2022, the turnover volume is estimated to be over 310 million euros, equal to 2.7% of the Italian beauty business on the domestic market, over 14% of the turnover of the perfumery channel and approximately 30% of fragrance sales.