Aefi statute: statute approved. Soon a single representation

Statuto Aefi

Statuto Aefi
[:it]Statuto Aefi[:]

On 21 March in Bologna, at the BolognaFiere headquarters, the shareholders’ meeting of Aefi was held, which unanimously approved the new Aefi Statute.
As desired by the Government and in agreement with CFI, the Industry Fairs Committee, the Italian Exhibitions and Fairs Association has opened the accession of the organizers of fair events without a district. Thus moving towards the goal of a single representation of the entire supply chain of the trade fair system.

Aefi Statute: a step forward

Great satisfaction from the president of the association, Maurizio Danese, who declared: “Today’s goal is the result of a long process, which began three years ago, before the pandemic and which today the members unanimously approved. The opening to the organizers of trade fair events without a neighborhood allows our association to become the sole interlocutor of the trade fair world as desired by the Government”.

More efficiency for the system

Massimo Goldoni, president of Cfi, for his part underlined how “The new Aefi Statute is in line with what we have been pursuing for some time to make the representation of the Italian trade fair system more efficient, a fundamental sector for the internationalization of Made in Italy”.