EspoGame Rimini 2023, a sold-out event

EspoGame Rimini 2023

EspoGame Rimini 2023
[:it]EspoGame Rimini 2023[:]

From 15 to 16 March, EspoGame Rimini 2023 was held at the Rimini exhibition center, an event dedicated to Esports, gaming and web3.
Organized by Osservatorio Italiano Esports, Sport Digital House and the Italian Exhibition Group, this third edition represented a historic meeting point between all the protagonists of the present and the future of these sectors.

A milestone appointment for business

Twenty companies, 50 companies, institutions and federations, 38 speakers, 600 minutes of content, 4 guest stars, a land in the metaverse and a photographic exhibition. These are some of the numbers that certify the positive outcome of the Rimini appointment.
But the fair is also much more: a key appointment for the gaming world business in Italy, which has also decided to expand to the new frontiers of the metaverse, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and web 3.0.
Training, inspiration, networking and business were the assets that accompanied EspoGame Rimini 2023. An event dedicated to the contamination between gaming and web3, in which operators in these sectors were able to get to know each other and exchange ideas.
Brands and speakers took turns on the stage of the Vision Arena and, at the same time, in the parallel edition organized in the metaverse of The Nemesis during the appointments opened by the debate on the state of the new forms of gaming and the web3 in Italy.
At EspoGame Rimini 2023 the opportunities and prospects for development of the sector were discussed, with the voices of representatives of leading companies in the field of gaming, including LG Electronics Italia, Barilla Italia, Red Bull, Dolce & Gabbana,, MSI.
Interest was also aroused by the in-depth study on the impact of gaming on the world of football, which sees Esports as a new asset, and which also saw the participation of Inter FC Internazionale Milano, AC Monza and Lega Nazionale Dilettanti.
Generation Z, sustainability and innovation were identified as new gaming marketing keys in the appointment that also welcomed the voices of Acer, eBay on stage.
Great attention was also paid to the focus on web 3.0 in the cycles which also involved the opinions of Telepass and Barilla Italia, as well as guest stars such as Fabio Viola, Fortuna Imperatore, Giacomo Zucco and Stefano Sorrentino.

The metaverse

The 2023 edition also achieved a unique milestone in Italy for the events dedicated to these sectors. In fact, it was the first trade fair event to have an extension in the metaverse. Thanks to the partnership with the Italian The Nemesis, within its metaverse users were able to access extra and exclusive content from the speakers and brands involved.
At the link it is possible to access the space in the metaverse reserved for EspoGame Rimini 2023, open until the end of March, to relive all the emotions of the event (it is necessary to connect with Chrome browser).