40th Aefi: the first 40 years of the association


40th Aefi
[:it]40th Aefi[:]

The finish line of the 40th Aefi – Italian Exhibitions and Fairs Association has crossed the finish line. Forty years characterized by the ability to “look ahead”, supporting the sector through changes and difficult times. At the same time, playing the role of lever for development in a path of constant growth not only of an economic nature, but also of a human, social and cultural nature.
A story that began in the decade 1983 – 1993, marked by transformations and financial euphoria, by the development of private enterprise and by a strong drive towards growth.

40th Aefi: the period of transformation

The trade fairs are transformed into specialized sector fairs, a window on the world of an innovative and differentiated territorial production reality.
Meanwhile, Italian trade fairs in the fashion, furniture, mechanics, food and local production districts are establishing themselves on the world market. Hence, the need to enclose all the new realities in an organization capable of representing the fair as a company at the service of global development, coordinating the local exhibition bodies and strengthening the Italian exhibition sector also on the international market.
In the 1990s, amidst new investment resources and massive privatizations, Italian companies sought out new interlocutors and opportunities for comparison with their competitors in trade fairs.
We understand that we need modern exhibition centers capable of attracting exhibitors, entrepreneurs, customers and the general public.
In addition to offering efficient services, physical and telematic infrastructures, easy roads and hospitality centres. In this phase, Aefi https://www.aefi.it has supported its members in the process of adapting to Italian and European legislation for safety and procurement and outlines a reference regulatory framework for the sector.

40th Aefi: the turning points

The period 2003-2013 is marked by innovation and internationalisation. There were two turning points: regional decentralization and the reform of the trade fair system, which transformed the trade fair organizations into joint-stock companies.
Events, congresses, meetings and new services from a European context now point to the world market. The association intervenes in the creation of an information and communication system that uses all the most up-to-date tools made available by new technologies, it spends itself so that Italian infrastructures and services are in step with the competition, and collaborates with ICE, Italian Embassies, Chambers of Commerce, regions, associations, Sace, Simest.
In the decade from 2013 to the present day, Aefi witnessed concrete results. The association gained acclaim and successes, up to the difficult pandemic period and the drafting of a regulatory protocol capable of providing organizational and operational indications in compliance with current regulations.
Arrived at the 40th Aefi, there are many who have contributed to this evolution. Like the presidents Rodolfo Lopes Pegna, Gino Colombo, Dante Stefani, Piergiacomo Ferrari, Raffaele Cercola, Ettore Riello, Giovanni Laezza and Maurizio Danese. In addition to the general secretaries Rodolfo Lopes Pegna and Loredana Sarti.