The future of entertainment at EspoGame 2023

EspoGame 2023

EspoGame 2023
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From 15 to 16 March at Fiera di Rimini the curtain will rise on EspoGame 2023, an event centered on Esports, gaming, web3, metaverse, blockchain, NFT. All this and much more will be the protagonist of the event which involves dozens of companies, speakers and industry experts, hundreds of visitors and enthusiasts, conferences, panels and meetings.
With this edition, the B2B event, dedicated to the most modern and innovative sectors of the Italian and international scene, enters a next level. A phase where training, inspiration, networking and business are the key principles of an event focused on the contamination between gaming and web3 and where players from these sectors have the opportunity to get to know each other, exchange ideas, meet the brands that are investing.

The future is in the metaverse

EspoGame 2023 also a unique milestone in Italy for the events dedicated to these sectors. It will in fact be the first to have an extension in the metaverse. Thanks to the partnership with the Italian The Nemesis, within its metaverse users will be able to access extra and exclusive content from the speakers and brands involved.
Through it is possible to access now – and until the end of March – the space in the metaverse reserved for the trade fair event (it is necessary to connect with a Chrome browser).

EspoGame 2023: anticipate trends

Luigi Caputo, founder of the Italian Esports Observatory and organizer of EspoGame: “We focused on the contamination between gaming and web3. These are two directly related trends, which will influence business worldwide in the coming years. You need to know them to anticipate their trends. We want to offer the public one of the most important moments dedicated to getting to know these sectors. The program we will propose will have a very high quality standard, both in terms of speakers and companies involved. Even the proposition of the event in the metaverse of The Nemesis has the meaning of always pushing beyond the barriers of innovation. In addition to being an event, EspoGame 2023 represents a format in which to experience technological progress, and not just talk about it”.

In this regard, there will be many experts who will enliven the stage of the Rimini Fair. March 15th will be dedicated to Esports, Gaming and networking, while on the 16th, in addition to networking, the panels related to Web3 will be staged. Among the speakers also present were the four guest stars such as Fortuna Imperatore, Doctor of Psychological Sciences and Techniques at Federico II University in Naples, as well as developer of “Freud’s Bones-the game”, Fabio Viola, among the most influential gamification designers in the world, Stefano Sorrentino , former Serie A goalkeeper and President of the A.S.D. Chieri, with whom he is taking Esports into a new dimension, and Giacomo Zucco, one of the most successful Bitcoin Educators, as well as consultant and researcher.