Torino Comics 2023 in the name of inclusion

Torino Comics 2023

Torino Comics 2023
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The 27th edition of Torino Comics 2023 will take place from 14 to 16 April at Lingotto Fiere. Organized by Just for fun in joint venture with GL events Italia, this event attracts tens of thousands of fans of comics, manga, anime, cinema, games, esports, videogames. In addition to the many cosplayers from all over Italy.
The event, which will be held in pavilions 1, 2 and 3, is divided into seven thematic areas. Area Comics, with the Italian and international protagonists of the world of comics, sketches and personalized drawings, conferences and meetings. In the Cosplay Area, competitions, guests, karaoke and karacosplay, thematic workshops. At Games, Esport and Videogames, the national finals of the main market tournaments, role-playing, card and table games, live demonstrations and the presence of the major Italian publishers in the sector.
A Music & live entertainment, exhibitions and concerts, while Movie hosts an animated film festival. Dubbing meetings and events with the most famous voices of movies, TV series and cartoons. Finally Content Creator with youtubers, tiktokers, and streamers involved in meet&greets and entertainment events.

Torino Comics 2023: an increasingly accessible event

An event that is becoming increasingly accessible and family friendly: accessibility and inclusiveness are in fact the keywords of this year.
“Be your superhero” is the official poster, designed by Gabriele Dell’Otto, Roman cartoonist and illustrator famous all over the world, as well as guest of honor at the event. Dell’Otto has been collaborating with the Marvel universe since 1998, first for the European division and then, from 2022 for Marvel USA.
The protagonist is a probable little girl who dialogues with nature and with technology, with her hand on the lever to control a mecha (Japanese robot with vintage technology). Because each of us can be a superhero.
At Torino Comics 2023 the theme of accessibility develops on two fronts. On the one hand, making the event and the spaces of Lingotto Fiere usable also for people with disabilities; on the other, raising public awareness of the difficulties and sensitivities of people with disabilities.

The family area

Another novelty for 2023 is the protected relaxation and play area, in collaboration with Carioca, where families and the very young can access freely during all event days. Twice a day there is a real itinerary of activities with magic shows, animated readings and much more. This area is the result of an increasingly determined commitment by Torino Comics to make the event accessible to everyone, at any age.
This year Torino Comics 2023 opens to schools with educational projects, workshops and meetings dedicated to students of all ages. To date, more than 50 classes of primary and secondary schools of I and II level have already joined, coming from the territory but also from other regions of Central Italy.