2023 Country Life Fair: space for butterflies

2023 Fiera di Vita

2023 Fiera di Vita
[:it]2023 Fiera di Vita[:]

With the arrival of spring, the green microcosm reawakens that revolves around the 2023 Fiera di Vita in Campagna, scheduled from 17 to 19 March at the Garda Exhibition Center in Montichiari (BS). Organizes the monthly Vita in Campagna, published by L’Informatore Agrario of Verona.
Aimed in particular at hobby farmers, a world that in Italy has about 1.2 million enthusiasts and onlookers, the annual fair-market crosses all areas of agriculture for passion, from the garden to the vegetable garden, to circular farming and the management of renewable energies.
There will be over 150 exhibitors present at 2023 Fiera di Vita in Campagna who will welcome visitors arriving from all over Italy. The offer will cover all the novelties for the vegetable garden and small farms.
There are also many appointments in this tenth edition, where 130 free practical courses and a photographic exhibition are planned.

The Butterfly House makes its debut

A novelty of this edition is a walk-in aviary dedicated to the world of butterflies. In this 6×4 meter space – called Casa delle Farfalle – it will be possible to walk in the flicker of thousands of specimens arriving from all continents.
The Butterfly House, which will then move to the Green Center of Caravaggio (Bergamo), also houses a nursery-incubator to observe the entire life cycle from chrysalises and cocoons to nuptial flights.
The wonders of naturalistic contemplation present at the 2023 Fiera di Vita in Campagna https://lafiera.vitaincampagna.it/ will also be the subject of a photographic exhibition curated by Maurizio Bonora, world champion of naturalistic photography. Bonora selected 10 of the 500 shots sent by fans of the magazine Vita in Campagna in the contest launched last November.

Dating for all tastes

Among the main topics of the training offer is sustainability, also in a green and economic key, with insights into renewables, energy saving and targeted cultivation techniques.
Another topical issue is the self-production-cooking combination that carves out a space for itself with courses dedicated to potted gardens. In the schedule of the 2023 Fiera di Vita in Campagna the planning and pruning of orchards and vineyards see various interventions by experts in the sector, while the section dedicated to animals is not missing. Focus on the novelties of circular farming and on the protection of beehives, on the most suitable diet for hens and ducks and on the role of the donkey in country life. Pets and Pet-therapy as a cure and recipe for well-being are at the center of in-depth analysis throughout the days of the edition, with a focus on the growth and acceptance of pets in the family, which are also precious for human health.