Filo Milano 2023: focus on innovations and challenges in the sector

Filo Milano 2023

Filo Milano 2023
[:it]Filo Milano 2023[:]

Filo Milano 2023 opens from 22 to 23 February at Allianz MiCo in Milan
The protagonists of the 59th edition are, as always, the yarns, fibers and materials proposed by the exhibitors. A showcase that arises from the research work and passion of companies attentive to social and environmental aspects.

Not just stands

During the two days, in addition to the novelties, visitors and exhibitors will be able to follow an articulated program of meetings. In addition to the inauguration ceremony, which developed the theme “Sustainability, traceability, supply chain – The right connection between raw material and finished product”, the key textile topics of today and tomorrow will be at the center of the “Dialogues of comparisons” with the involvement of the protagonists of the textile industry.
To follow, over the two days Filo Milano 2023, the Dialogues of Comparison dedicated to crucial issues for the and featuring exceptional personalities from the textile industry.
On 23 February, at 10, the research carried out by Ceipiemonte for the trade fair will be presented, dedicated to “The challenge of the Iberian textile between competitive advantages and global risks of fashion made in Spain and Portugal: what opportunities for Italian companies?” .
The FiloFlow project relating to the tracing of the supply chain continues in this 2023 edition as well. Initiative that aims to highlight and enhance the production processes and sustainable products made by the exhibitors. Initiative with a long-term horizon because environmental and social sustainability is an obligatory choice for textile-clothing companies – especially high-end ones – who want to remain competitive on an international level.

“Sustainability from A to Z”

Filo Milano 2023 also continues the collaboration with C.L.A.S.S., the international eco-hub founded by Giusy Bettoni. Two realities that have always shared the commitment to concrete sustainability of products and manufacturing processes in the textile industry. The event achieves this through the FiloFlow project, while the eco-hub demonstrates its commitment through services that support companies on their journey towards responsible innovation.
Like the new service dedicated to information and guidance in the field of sustainability, which takes the form of the “Sustainability from A to Z” desk, managed by C.L.A.S.S. Designed to offer companies concrete guidance on everything related to sustainability in the textile field, the service will be present during the two days.
From certifications to measurements of environmental impacts and end of life, from the importance of ethics to energy savings, from responsible innovation to new generation communication, without forgetting sustainability reports: these are some of the many topics at the heart of the new service.