CasaClima Bolzano 2023: energy, sustainability and social housing

Klimahouse Bolzano 2023

Klimahouse Bolzano 2023
[:it]Klimahouse Bolzano 2023[:]

There will be two contemporary challenges that will enrich the training and information offer of Klimahouse Bolzano 2023, from 8 to 11 March in Fiera Bolzano.
On the one hand, the phenomenon of social housing which, in a moment of economic crisis like the current one, brings advantages on numerous fronts. Starting from the fact that it contributes to energy savings, also proposing a valid remedy for housing inequality.
On the other hand, the question of how to deal with the increase in energy-related costs.
The event will offer several opportunities to reflect and analyze these issues.
In particular through the Klimahouse Congress, scheduled from 10 to 11 March, and the Klimahouse Tour, which will take place in the afternoon of 10 March, dedicated to the theme of social housing.

The European Green Deal

Klimahouse Bolzano 2023 is the key wind dedicated to renovation and energy efficiency in buildings, the Klimahouse Congress, organized in collaboration with the CasaClima Agency, will place the current challenges at the center of the debate. And I will do so by analyzing them from different points of view, thanks to the contribution of 10 of the main national and international experts in the construction world.
Challenges posed in a particularly complex scenario. Never before has civil construction been called upon to give concrete answers to the energy crisis and the need to make its energy supply safer and more sustainable.

Efficiency and the transition to renewable sources are the only way to free Europe from dependence on fossil fuels and to reduce the environmental impact of the sector. The European Green Deal indicates that in 2030 we should cut emissions by 55% in order to achieve climate neutrality in 2050. While the new EBPD directive on the performance of buildings is preparing to impose very stringent parameters for the energy classes of all buildings.

Focus on social housing

The Klimahouse Bolzano 2023 Tour 4 will focus on the theme of living. Topic that is declined in different residential complexes according to the urban or landscape context, the architectural language chosen and the composition of the group of people for whom they are intended.
This time the tour will lead to the discovery of the Ofenbaur Residence (Rauch Gapp), a condominium-residence above Merano, which connects the internal living spaces with the outside thanks to terraces. Another case history will concern the Lebensräume residential complex (Höller & Klotzner), a social housing project based on the multigenerational house model. People with disabilities and socially disadvantaged, families with and without children, single parents and people in different life situations or with alternative lifestyles, who support each other, live there.