Aquafarm 2023, Novelfarm and Algaefarm in Pordenone

AquaFarm 2023

AquaFarm 2023
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From 15 to 16 February AquaFarm 2023, NovelFarm with the AlgaeFarm sector will return to the Pordenone Fair. International events that will take stock of the state of the art and future prospects of food production, with a focus on the breeding of aquatic species, algae cultivation, crops in a controlled environment and vertical farming.
Three complementary shows in a single event, eagerly awaited by operators with exhibition itineraries where the main international companies are present. In addition to an agenda of high-level technical conferences that includes moments of discussion, training and in-depth analysis with the intervention of speakers from all over the world.
Also in this two-day edition the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests will be present.

The importance of the sector

AquaFarm 2023 is the international exhibition-conference dedicated to aquaculture, shellfish farming and the fishing industry. An annual appointment for operators in the aquaculture supply chain which this year celebrates its sixth edition.
An event that aims to reflect the leading role that aquaculture is gradually assuming on a global level.
It is enough to think that over 50% of aquatic species destined for human consumption, as well as 30 million tons of aquatic plants and macro- and micro-algae, originate from farms (FAO data).
Numbers that require some global reflections on the environmental sustainability of these processes and on the increase in food production with aquaculture. Together with AquaFarm 2023 the AlgaeFarm brand was born to give a leading role also to the algae and microalgae cultivation sector. It distinguishes the event area where the best professionals dedicated to the seaweed supply chain will present themselves .

Perfecting culture methods

The fourth edition of NovelFarm, dedicated to soilless crops born within the first event, also represents a unique event in Italy.
Thanks to the verticality of the exhibition proposal and the topics covered by the congress agenda focused on soilless crops, the event presents all the innovations in the scientific and technological fields. Innovations aimed at perfecting cultivation methods so that they yield more and more and better, while maintaining high levels of quality and at the same time stability in the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the foods.

AquaFarm 2023: cooking shows

Alongside the technical-scientific agenda, there are also other side events of a more popular nature.
Examples include the cooking shows promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry scheduled in the Arena in pavilion 5, aimed at promoting the use of aquaculture fish in the kitchen.
Visitors will also be able to participate in 11 Masterclasses on “To learn more about the use of freshwater fish in the recipes of young chefs. Opportunities to enhance quality and taste in the kitchen”.