Vinitaly 2023: top buyers are growing

Vinitaly 2023

Vinitaly 2023
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In anticipation of Vinitaly 2023 , at Veronafiere from 2 to 5 April next, the sector takes stock of last year. A negative balance for Italian wine in the retail and large-scale distribution circuits of the USA, UK and Germany, countries that account for around 50% of our exports.
According to data processed by the UIV-Vinitaly Wine Observatory on a Nielsen-IQ basis, in 2022 the three top buyers sold 4.9 million hectoliters of wine, a -9% compared to 2021, for values down by 5 %, equal to 4.7 billion euros. Compared to 2021 sales, the equivalent of 63 million bottles and a value of 253 million euros are missing.
The worst general performances in the UK (-11% volume and -8% value), the USA dampen the erosion in value to -2% (2.1 billion euro), limiting the loss in volume to -5%. Germany at -7% in value alongside a loss of 10% in volume (1.7 million hectoliters).

Vinitaly 2023: a glass half full…

If the distribution data in the countries taken into consideration do not shine, the Observatory nevertheless detects a consistently growing catering market thanks to a return to pre-Covid normality, economic crisis permitting.
In all three markets listed above, there is in fact a return – more or less soft – to the levels of 2019. A return that sees Prosecco playing a separate game, with double-digit increases over the period.

The road show in view of Vinitaly 2023

Maurizio Danese, managing director of Veronafiere: “We are convinced, even more in this particular historical moment, that the sector cannot afford to loosen its grip on its main outlet markets. For this reason, for 20 days we have been engaged with Vinitaly in a road show to promote Italian wine and to select the best buyers to invite to Verona; an unprecedented campaign in 9 countries on 3 continents which provides for a broad presence on the three main markets but also on emerging targets.
The action reflects a 30-40% increase in foreign investments which, thanks also to the support of Ice-Agency, will guarantee for the next Vinitaly 2023 a growth of top buyers in the order of 40%, to double it in 2024”.
After the recent US stops (Princeton, New York, Chicago), in February the tour stopped in Munich, Brussels and Zurich and simultaneously in London and Cardiff, to conclude in Japan (February 21) and South Korea (23) .