39th Apimell: the best of beekeeping

39th Apimell

39th Apimell
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The entire professional beekeeping supply chain meets at the 39th Apimell, scheduled at Piacenza Expo from 3 to 5 March. It is the most important and qualified trade fair in all of Europe dedicated to products, equipment and technologies for beekeeping.
A trade fair event dedicated not only to professionals in the sector, but also to the public of enthusiasts.
The latest edition of the event saw the participation of 133 direct exhibitors, of which 21 mainly from European countries, and 35,000 Italian and foreign visitors.

39th Apimell: space for training and information

The exhibition is preparing to welcome companies, operators and visitors in the spaces of the Piacenza exhibition center to promote the innovations of the sector.
Like every year, a calendar of events and meetings to inform, update and seize growth opportunities. There will therefore be conferences, an attractive hub for beekeepers who will be confronted with the most topical issues. Like the European Honey Directive, from which arise questions and queries on which all the realities involved will discuss.

At the same time Seminat and Buon Vivere

Keywords guiding the 39th Apimell https://www.apimell.it/ will be sustainability, environment, biology and quality. All combined with smart technologies to support the production phases.
Of particular importance in this edition is the catalog of tenders and resources available to support investments by farms and professional operators. An additional stimulus to the exhibitor market after the Covid period and the scarce honey production in the face of growing demand.
Space also for processors of beehive products: polyflora honeys, monoflora honeys, typical and precious honeys, pollen, propolis, beeswax, royal jelly, herbal products and cosmetics.

In support of the 39th Apimell, two collateral and complementary exhibitions. Seminat, the 40th edition of the appointment with gardening and the new sustainable horticulture, and the Buon Vivere food and wine event, dedicated to the proposals of good Italian cuisine.