Pitti Bimbo 96: an initial final balance

Pitti Bimbo 96

Pitti Bimbo 96
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Pitti Bimbo 96, which began on Wednesday 18, ended at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence on January 20. The 2023 winter edition saw an expansion of the exhibition space with new pavilions and new sections. In this way all the souls of the kidswear sector have found the space to express themselves.
The focus on sustainability is confirmed as central to this edition.

As a first impression, the great satisfaction among the operators should be underlined. Added to this is confidence in a year that could reserve positive surprises for the clothing and accessories market for girls and boys, compared to the fears expressed in recent months.
At 12.00 on Friday 20 January, more than 2,000 buyers were registered: 1,460 Italian buyers and 600 foreign buyers from almost 70 countries.
Overall, the total number of visitors to Pitti Bimbo 96 should be around 3,000.
Among the most represented countries, Turkey, Great Britain, Spain, Russia, Germany, France, Greece, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Serbia take first place in attendance.
If, on the other hand, we look at large areas, the strong participation from the Middle East and Mediterranean Africa, Eastern Europe, the Eurasian Heartland should also be noted. Another important factor: the return of Japan and the confirmation of the major American buyers.

City involvement

There was also great attention for all the special events and presentations that took place over the three days in Florence, such as the great Monnalisa fashion show.
Important public participation also for the “The city of kind children”, a program of workshops, events and meetings promoted by Pitti Bimbo 96 https://bimbo.pittimmagine.com which involves the city and some of its “magic” places for the first time ”, from museums to bookstores, which continues until tomorrow.

More merchandise

“The data on buyers, as well as the number of exhibitors, both on the increase compared to January 2022, tell us that the show has regained its international leadership – said Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagine -. But they only represent one element of our satisfaction with how things have gone, because behind the quantitative dimension there is great quality, painstaking work, a constant capacity for innovation. Both in terms of product supply – for stylistic research, materials, manufacturing refinement, orientation towards sustainability – and in terms of demand, with a very interesting international mix of physical and online stores, specialized boutiques, chains, departments and concept stores . And on the part of us organizers of Pitti Bimbo 96 there was not only the usual (but not obvious!) work of selection and curation in the pavilions, but also an expansion of the merchandise on display: from the world of school to sport, from toys to furnishings for children’s bedrooms, from design objects to publishing. We think that this, more and more, must be the Pitti Bimbo of the future”.