Pitti Uomo 103 edition: buyers are growing

Pitti Uomo edizione 103

Pitti Uomo edizione 103
[:it]Pitti Uomo edizione 103[:]

Pitti Uomo 103 edition, which began on the 10th in Florence, in the Fortezza da Basso, concluded on January 13th. An extraordinary energy, an atmosphere of work and celebration and, above all, important attendance numbers. This is the still provisional balance of the 103rd edition which saw almost 800 men’s, lifestyle and genderless fashion collections on the catwalk.
Also good attendance at the many appointments dedicated to men’s fashion scattered in the most beautiful buildings in Florence, including communication events and cultural initiatives.

Some issues of Pitti Uomo 103 edition

In absolute terms, 13,500 buyers entered, representing around 6,500 sales and distribution companies (boutiques, retail, multi-brand, department and specialty stores, chains, specialized e-commerce platforms). This means a 210% increase compared to January last year. Italians over 9,000 (+190%), foreigners 4,500 (+260%) representing 33% of the total.
The total number of visitors to Pitti Uomo 103 edition is about to exceed 18,000.

However, it should be emphasized that last year there was only one registration for the buyers of Pitti Uomo and Bimbo, events that took place simultaneously in the Fortezza da Basso.
A projection of these percentages allows the organizers to estimate a total number of attendances limited exclusively to buyers (excluding other categories of visitors) of around 14 thousand presences.

Asian buyers at Pitti Uomo 103 edition

The top 10 foreign markets most present at this edition were Germany (with over 530 buyers), the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, the United States, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, Japan and Belgium.
Asian buyers have also returned. Over 190 buyers arrived from Japan (there were 6 in January 2022); from South Korea there were around 140 (compared to 5 in 2022).
Just as buyers from mainland China, China-Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand returned, which at the last winter edition, due to health restrictions, had been almost absent.
Another interesting figure revealed at Pitti Uomo 103 edition https://uomo.pittimmagine.com/ concerns the presence of buyers arriving from the Nordic-Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland), already at 227 at this edition. While last winter there were 60 in total.
Also noteworthy are the exploits recorded by Israel, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, the recovering numbers of the countries of Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Without forgetting the block formed by Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. 43 buyers came from here against just 4 at the 2022 edition.