Arte Fiera 2023 edition presents some novelties

Arte Fiera edizione 2023

Arte Fiera edizione 2023
[:it]Arte Fiera edizione 2023[:]

The journey towards the Arte Fiera 2023 edition continues, which will return from 3 to 5 February next year at BolognaFiere. The international fair dedicated to modern and contemporary art regains its traditional role as the first event of the year in Italy and resumes its historic location. That is pavilions 25 and 26 of the fairgrounds.
The 2023 edition is the 46th of the Bologna event still with the artistic direction of Simone Menegoi. It is an edition with a strong spirit of renewal, destined to consolidate itself in the years to come. Among the novelties we should mention the public program, the preparation of the common areas, the reception of the public.

The Art City White Night is back

Arte Fiera 2023 edition also relaunches its partnership with Art City, the Bolognese Art Week circuit. In fact, the next edition will also be accompanied, as usual, by exhibitions and events coordinated by Lorenzo Balbi, director of MAMbo – Museum of Modern Art of Bologna.
There will also be one of the events most loved by the public: the Art City White Night. Saturday 4 February extraordinary opening until midnight of numerous venues of the Art City Bologna circuit, as well as galleries, independent exhibition spaces, historic buildings and shops.

The new Path format

A total of 141 exhibitors from the Main Section and the curated sections will participate in Arte Fiera 2023 edition
The Main Section ranges from Modern and post-war art, historical strengths of the event, to contemporary research, with a strong emphasis on Italian art. This area will be flanked by three curated and invited sections: the newly created Multipli, dedicated to the works in editions, curated by Lisa Andreani and Simona Squadrito; the now well-established Painting XXI, which offers a glimpse of Italian and international painting of the new millennium, again curated by Davide Ferri. Finally Photography and moving images, which tackles this medium with an interdisciplinary approach, and which sees the arrival of Giangavino Pazzola as curator.
The new Path format makes its debut at Arte Fiera 2023, a thematic itinerary among the stands of the Main Section that offers a journey through art, especially Italian art, from the first half of the 20th century to today. The leitmotif of this “first time” is ceramics.