Pordenone Fiere 2023 looks to the NEW challenges

Pordenone Fiere 2023

Pordenone Fiere 2023
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On 16 December, in the presence of members, stakeholders and collaborators, Pordenone Fiere 2023 presented the 2023 program of exhibitions and the 2020-2021 Integrated Report.
An annual appointment that takes stock of the progress of a company that has an impact on the economy and on the development of an entire territory. In particular in the period analyzed during which the fair played an important role for the community by hosting the swab and vaccine center and setting up the vaccination hubs in the Region.


A positive result despite everything

The 2020-2021 Integrated Report aims to represent the Pordenone Fiere 2023 process of value creation over time, precisely to give as complete a view of the entire exhibition activity as possible considering the context, risks and opportunities. Not only the financial capital and infrastructure of the district, but also the intellectual and human capital of employees and collaborators, social relations with the local area and the natural context in which it operates are therefore of considerable importance for the result.
The strategies adopted and analyzed by the study are the finding and management of financial resources, the proposal of innovative trade fair products and international trade fairs oriented to the needs of the territory. And again: a work environment that guarantees cohesion and growth of skills, attention to sustainability.
As a result, in the years 2020-2021, the fair managed to maintain a production value in line with the historical trend (about 5.5 million euros). Furthermore, the number of employees at Pordenone Fiere 2023 has remained constant (28) despite having to cancel many exhibitions. The investment made in training, in both physical and digital infrastructures such as the activation of new software that have made the process of value production much more fluid and effective, is also underlined.

A 2023 “crowded” with demonstrations

After a positive 2022 thanks to the success of events such as Samuexpo and Sicam, Pordenone Fiere 2023 https://www.fierapordenone.it/ is preparing for a very intense 2023. In fact, there are 30 appointments between events organized directly, in collaboration with external parties or hosted. Of these, 6 have already obtained the qualification of international event.
Instead, there are five new items on the calendar. The first, Horeca Next, is held on 13, 14 and 15 February and is a biennial dedicated to hospitality technologies and supplies. Alto Adriatico Motori D’epoca, 22-23 April, as part of the HI-Fi Car Amateur Radio Fair, is dedicated to engines.
Extracon is the new big fair for comics, games and pop culture (May 27 and 28). While Naonian Tattoo & Motor Expo, from 5 to 7 May, is dedicated to the art of tattooing, with an area reserved for engines.
104-The Caregiving Expo is also being developed, a project that will deal with all issues related to assisting the weakest people and improving the living conditions of the elderly or people with disabilities.