Veronafiere 2022: the new governance structure is underway

Veronafiere 2022

Veronafiere 2022
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On 15 December, the shareholders’ meeting of Veronafiere 2022 gave the go-ahead for the company’s new governance structure, as proposed by the board of directors.
To Maurizio Danese, unanimously appointed CEO in June, already at the top of the fair from 2015 to 2022 and currently president of Aefi, the board of directors decided to expand the powers, renouncing the appointment of a new general manager.

New goals for the spa

During the meeting, the rationalization plan of the group companies was also illustrated. Among the objectives: streamlining management, to make it more efficient by shortening the decision-making line and ensuring cost efficiency, and the new internal organizational structure.
The latter provides for the entry of two new managerial figures who will work in close contact with the CEO. One of these coming from a company wholly owned by the group and which will be absorbed by Veronafiere 2022 during 2023.

Trust in the fair system

In the year that is about to end, Veronafiere 2022 has returned to generating turnover and induced activities, also aiming abroad. A total of 49 fairs and events were organized – of which 35 in Italy and 14 in 9 countries – and 250 conferences.
“Nevertheless, like the entire Italian exhibition sector, we are suffering from the impact of some significant exogenous factors – recalled Maurizio Danese -. The first relates to the additional costs we had to bear for moving important exhibitions from the first months of 2022 to the beginning of March and May. The second concerns the growing costs, starting with energy costs, which we had to absorb directly.
Aggravations that we should almost certainly foresee also for 2023, given that the fairs are promoted and sold well before they take place with tariffs for services and square meters determined well in advance”. However, there is a lot of optimism thanks to the trust shown by companies in the exhibition system and in its ability to return turnover to the investment, also from an export perspective. And thanks also to the “planning that we are putting into outlining the new face of Veronafiere 2022. The goal is to reach 2024 with an increasingly competitive structure and ready to seize all possible alliances to guarantee its international development” concluded Danese.