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Filo 2023

Filo 2023
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With the video “Imaginary Geographies”, Filo 2023, scheduled for 22 and 23 February 2023 at Allianz MiCo-Milan, presents its creative proposals.
Developed by Gianni Bologna, creativity and style manager of the event, they are presented through a video, in which the general macro theme is declined along the three textile interpretations “Other Lands”, “Other Seas”, “Other Skies”.

A precise choice

For various editions, the Milanese event has published its “Creative Dialogues” exclusively online. A precise choice to underline, on the one hand, the unique character of the creative proposals, focused on the product and manufacturing processes.
On the other hand, online publication seeks to exploit the main feature of digital, i.e. the possibility of using content without limits dictated by time and space, reaching a wider audience both in Italy and abroad.

The pluses of digital

“The demonstration paved the way for a new understanding of what we once called ‘trends’. It has done so right from the start, always emphasizing the importance of dialogue between exhibiting companies and the stylistic proposals of the fair. At Filo 2023 we are not referring to a stylistic continuum that evolves over time. There are inspirations that arise from a reflection on today’s textiles and on a complex vision of what the sector will be called to be tomorrow. These are inspirations that are proposed to companies so that they can make them a theme for dialogue and collaboration, first in the development of their collections and then with their customers” underlined the manager of Filo 2023, Paolo Monfermoso. Thanks to this approach, the “Creative Dialogues” are an important inspiration for the next edition. They have become one of the most eagerly awaited and appreciated appointments not only by exhibitors, but more generally by all textile-clothing operators.
“For this reason we have decided to make them available to the public through the digital channel, which ensures us the widest possible diffusion because it overcomes distances and borders and is free from time constraints. Every textile professional can freely choose the moment in which to view our “Creative Dialogues” and can return to study them and draw inspiration from them at any time, simply by accessing the Filo 2023 website”.
For Gianni Bologna, the contents of “Imaginary Geographies” speak of a vast theme that leaves room for a thousand possible facets. “We have tried to develop some that are not separated from beauty, an essential and consubstantial trait to textiles and taste. We explored them through three textile themes: Other Lands, Other Seas, Other Skies”.