8th Xmas Comics & Games, visitors are growing

8th Xmas Comics

8th Xmas Comics
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The 8th Xmas Comics& Games, a pre-Christmas event organized by GL events in joint venture with Just for fun, ended on December 4th at the Oval Lingotto Fiere in Turin.
Over 24,000 (against 20,000 in 2021) the enthusiasts who crowded the spaces in the two-day event, which this year had the celebration of nerd culture as its theme. A culture that has now become a passion that involves young and old. The public was able to admire and play in the rooms of the time, reliving the atmosphere of nerd bedrooms from the 70s to today with their symbolic objects and video games of the time.

From Lady Oscar to Diabolik

Some anniversaries were celebrated during the 8th Xmas Comics& Games.
Like the 50 years of life of the Lady Oscar comic in Japan and the 40 years of the arrival of the cartoon in Italy. The history of the French heroine was retraced in a meeting in the Agora with Elena Romanello.
On the other hand, Diabolik, the King of Terror, created by the Giussano sisters, is 60 years old in 2022.
Guido De Maria and Giancarlo Governi, the diaboliks Stefania Caretta and Giulia Francesca Massaglia drew non-stop for two days in the area dedicated to Diabolik, while the Giussano sisters were interviewed by Luca Raffaelli.
December 4th was instead the moment of Cristina D’Avena, queen of cartoon theme songs. A journey through time through 40 years of career, with thousands of people who belted out songs like Mila and Shiro, Lady Oscar, Pollon and Kiss me Licia.

The debut of Area rock

Success for the new rock area of ​​the 8th Xmas Comics& Games https://xmascomics.it/, inaugurated with the Battle of the bands. Hundreds of visitors engaged in a musical battle of drums, guitar and bass with the game Guitar hero. The daily winners of the challenges won tickets for the next edition of Torino Comics.
The area also hosted live acoustic performances by Dionisyan, winners of the 35th edition of Sanremo Rock, by the singer-songwriter and voice actor Davide Albano, and by the group Citofonare Vallarello.
The area dedicated to the K-pop musical genre, exported from South Korea, was also very crowded. The K-stage Battle took place on December 3, a K-pop dance competition aimed at both soloists and groups. For both days, hundreds of people also tried their hand at Kpop Random Dance, Kpop Games and the new Noraebang, Korean karaoke.
Meanwhile, the organizers of the 8th Xmas Comics& Games have made an appointment at Lingotto Fiere from 14 to 16 April for the XXVII edition of Torino Comics https://torinocomics.com/.