Fiere Zootecniche Internazionali 2022 di Cremona

Fiere Zootecniche Internazionali 2022

Fiere Zootecniche Internazionali 2022
[:it]Fiere Zootecniche Internazionali 2022[:]

From 1 to 3 December, Fiere Zootecniche Internazionali 2022 di Cremona is preparing with its “charge” made up of over 650 animals registered from 120 farms and from 8 countries. An exhibition showcase, now in its 77th edition, which represents the most innovative the sector can express.
In addition to the exhibition part, there will be over 50 moments of in-depth analysis, with a focus dedicated to the training of young people and professionals.
The exhibition is the result of a process of sharing with all the players in the sector to propose effective engagement and exhibition solutions.

Fiere Zootecniche Internazionali 2022: the internationality of the event

However, Cremona Fiere does not stop at the numbers, but aims to underline the central role of this historic and unique event in the sector at an international level in Italy.
“The review – as President Roberto Biloni explained – is the moment of synthesis of a work that we carry out throughout the year both as Cremona Fiere and with the Scientific Technical Committee. Through meetings and opportunities for discussion with breeders, Cremona Fiere has the pulse of the problems of the sector and expresses itself through its technical-scientific committee, but also offers training opportunities and moments of in-depth analysis. And it is precisely in the wake of this journey, which begins the day after the exhibition closes, that this year’s flattering numbers are inserted “.

Fiere Zootecniche Internazionali 2022: focus on training

Among the highlights of the event, the Cremona International Dairy Show zootechnical exhibition, which enhances the passion of Italian farmers for the “queens of milk”. This year the exhibition strengthens its international significance with the presence of international animals and breeding farms and a panel of world-renowned experts starting with judge Mark Rueth.
Excellent prospects also for the auction, @CR European Sale at Cremona 2022 also designed on very high level assumptions with the auctioneer Nici Nosbish and Torban Melbaum certificates.
All the initiatives during Fiere Zootecniche Internazionali 2022di Cremona were accompanied by an international promotion and incoming buyer program created with the collaboration of ICE agency, as part of the Made in Italy promotion plan.

Among the novelties, an articulated focus on training with moments dedicated to different targets: from children to whom a special moment and program is reserved, to agricultural school students, up to a training day reserved for agronomists and professionals.