PizzaVillage @ Home 2022 concludes the tour

PizzaVillage@Home 2022

PizzaVillage@Home 2022
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The third edition of Coca-Cola PizzaVillage @ Home 2022 ended with the Milan stage from 17 to 20 November
The results, once again, tell of a success of the initiative, with the sold out recorded in all the cities touched by the tour between March and November: Palermo, Padua and Bologna.
In fact, thousands of pizzas arrived at Italian homes and thousands of those delivered to the most needy through the Banco Alimentare: 7,500 in Palermo, 7,000 in Padua, 6,500 in Bologna and 15,000 in Milan. But the success did not stop the organizers already at work for the 2023 edition.

The many opportunities

PizzaVillage @ Home 2022 is a version of Pizza Village, an event born on the Naples seafront and the largest in the world dedicated to pizza.
The project, conceived and born in 2020, is based on an innovative format capable of reaching many more people. A unique opportunity to appreciate, taste and compare the specialties of the best Pizza Masters in some Italian cities.
Everything starts from the ovens and workbenches of the production hubs set up in the cities involved. From here the pizzas, thanks to the Glovo riders, official delivery partner of the initiative, arrive on the table in a few minutes accompanied by special boxes with products and gadgets.
PizzaVillage @ Home 2022 is an idea born and developed by Oramata Grandi Eventi, former producers of the Pizza Village, and by Aadv Entertainment.
The two companies were able to face the difficulties, but also to develop the opportunities of a project that was immediately appreciated by both the public and the partners who have grasped its potential.

The 2023 tour adds new stops

From the 15,000 pizzas baked in 2020 on the occasion of the first edition with the single stop in Milan, in fact, it has gone up to over 19,000 produced in the three stages of the 2021 tour, up to 36,000 pizzas delivered this year. The PizzaVillage @ Home 2022 tour crossed Italy, touching four cities, from south to north, with a full house, even with presales.
The Masters Pizzaiuoli are already at work for the new combinations and new trends on the doughs of the next PizzaVillage @ Home 2023. Edition that promises to be even richer and even more present on the national territory. In fact, stages are planned that will pass through Sicily, Puglia, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto and Piedmont.