Fieracavalli Verona explores new opportunities in the USA

Fieracavalli Verona

Fieracavalli Verona
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Veronafiere, through the Fieracavalli Verona event, is also the spokesperson for the equestrian supply chain in the United States, creating a bridge to explore new opportunities for trade and business in the equestrian sector. A partnership that looks specifically at the sports area, saddle tourism and food experience.
Everything revolves around the passion for the three main equestrian breeds protagonists of the Old West epic: American quarter horse, Appaloosa and Paint horse, with a dappled coat and camouflage properties. The same breeds that, after the Westernshow held in the last edition, from 9 to 19 November, were still protagonists in Verona.

Fieracavalli Verona focus on reining

Until last weekend, in fact, the Veronafiere pavilions hosted two important reining events. The term derives from the verb to rein, that is “to guide between the reins”: in this discipline the rider must guide the horse in search of perfect harmony.
What is considered the “queen” of American sports disciplines was the protagonist of Futurity IRHA IRBHA, an initiative where the most promising 3-year-old foals made their debut, and of the finals of the absolute national championships organized by the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports.
In the same spaces of Fieracavalli Verona¬†700 horses competed, including numerous “Million Dollar Horses”, real champions who are part of a special international ranking based on the prize money won in their career which, only in the Verona event, reached a total of 800 thousand euros.
And it is precisely on this occasion that a b2b meeting was held at Veronafiere with all the main sports and breeding associations of reference in Italy for these breeds.
The aim is to identify new commercial and cultural initiatives between the two sides of the Atlantic through Fieracavalli Verona, with the American horse as a common denominator.
A mission that sees the collaboration of the Transatlantic Investment Committee (TIC), a platform that works in close connection with diplomatic representations in the United States and Italy to strengthen ties in the field of strategic co-investments between the two countries.