36th Navigare, a successful edition

 36th Navigare

 36th Navigare
[:it] 36th Navigare[:]

To gratify the value of the 36th Navigare, from 12 to 20 November in Naples were not only the numbers of visitors, but also the comments of the public and exhibitors who appreciated the exhibition venue.

The kermesse, which this year took place exclusively on the breakwater of the port of Mergellina, has retained also in this edition the prerogative of the free trials of the boats on display and above all of the free access to the Promenade marina by the public who could view boats from 6 to 25 meters.
The choice of the Luise pier, commissioned by the organizer of the Italian Nautical Industry Association chaired by Gennaro Amato, proved to be a winner by allowing an important upgrade to the boat show that represents the city of Naples.

The 36th Navigare looks to the 2023 edition

“Although the weather conditions were not always favorable, during the nine exhibition days, we can be satisfied – underlined Gennaro Amato -, not only for the over 20 thousand visitors and for the numerous sales carried out by the sites present, but for the positive feedback of the public satisfaction “.
Visitors and exhibitors of the 36th Navigare https://salonenauticonavigare.it/ have appreciated the new headquarters of the Luise pier, larger in terms of capacity and availability of reception of large boats, but also for the more welcoming quay, thanks to its width which has favored the presence of many visitors. “This site has also allowed us to be able to deal with the junction of pleasure marinas with the competent authorities, as it is now the exhibition center in the water of the city of Naples. An important step not only to resolve the moorings and berths issue, but also in view of next year for the November 2023 edition “.
Afina has in fact already defined and announced the dates of the next Naples International Boat Show, which will be held from 11 to 19 November.
Among the novelties, an even wider and more articulated event of the 36th Navigare. The use of floating piers perpendicular to the concrete quay will in fact allow to accommodate the numerous requests for participation received this year, but rejected by the organization due to the absence of sufficient berths.
A solution with which it is possible to obtain a further implementation of about 100 spaces.
The good sales balance, which is reflected in the shipyards present in Mergellina and which can be considered an advantage for the planning of shipbuilding in the winter period.