HoMi 2023: the house according to the Italians

HoMi 2023

HoMi 2023
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HoMi 2023¬†will be punctual in the spaces of fieramilano Rho from 26 to 29 January, with an edition capable of responding also to the growing attention paid to living spaces and to a new “design for good living”.
In fact, the event is focused on all aspects of home living: from decorations to furnishing accessories, from table and kitchen accessories to home textiles and fragrances, to gift items.
As always, at HoMi 2023 there will be many products, ideas and novelties to furnish domestic spaces that are now multifunctional, transformable, digital, sustainable.
In a home where more and more often – especially in the post-pandemic – interior and exterior interpenetrate and housing needs are in constant flux, home decor and furnishing objects become fundamental in the new living scenarios.
There will also be an extensive schedule of workshops, events and talks dedicated to the main topics of interest to operators in the sector.
While waiting for the January appointment, HOMICommunity continues to be active, the online platform that allows national and international operators and buyers to get a preview of the products, news and stories of the companies that will be present at the fair.

The centrality of the house

Waiting for HoMi 2023 https://www.homimilano.com/the 5th edition of the CasaDoxa Observatory notes that the domestic environment continues to play a central role despite the changes.
Habits have in fact changed, people spend much more time at home than a few years ago and many of the outdoor activities now take place mostly within the home.
Doxa data confirms the significant increase in people who want an extra room (36%), where they can work without being disturbed (or disturb) or find space to train and keep fit.
Meals are eaten more frequently at home (+33% at lunch, +36% at dinner) and are shared more than before with friends and relatives. Even leisure time such as watching films and series (+42%) is decidedly more homely.