Pitti Immagine 2023 presents the PittiWay concept

Pitti Immagine 2023

Pitti Immagine 2023
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Pitti Bimbo 96, one of the winter exhibitions of Pitti Immagine 2023 which will take place from 18 to 20 January in the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, presents the new theme. It is about PittiWay, the joint work of creatives and artists, coordinated by the creative director Angelo Figus.
A theme that interprets today’s mood and aspirations, transforming them into the leitmotif of the advertising campaigns and installations in the Fortezza da Basso in Florence.
A chromatic and dynamic result, pop and street at the same time, which in the campaign created for Pitti Bimbo 96 is condensed in the video signed by the director Leonardo Corallini and interpreted by Nina, Oceano and Sergio.

Pitti Immagine 2023: the direction to take

Starting afresh is everyone’s desire, but deciding which direction to go in order to make choices is not easy. Indications, stimuli, solicitations and needs do not always converge, and the proceeding cannot be linear.
Managing one’s choices ends up tracing paths according to a personal trajectory, which must take into account not only emotions and experience, but also new tools. Like digital tools, biometric identities, algorithms.
This is where the PittiWay concept was born. Because, as underlined by Agostino Poletto, general manager of Pitti Immagine, it underlines the many choices that we are led to evaluate in order to get out of the global gridlock.
“In this not easy, but also creative, innovative, different moment, the Pitti Immagine 2023 salons https://www.pittimmagine.com/ will be a compass for defining new directions, hypothesizing paths, considering choices and then starting again. In Fortezza there will be lines, arrows, curves, inversions to surf on to go fast. A sometimes contradictory signage that demonstrates an inexhaustible energy: the same that leads towards new directions and, still all possible, of the future”.

Pitti Immagine 2023: the installations in the Fortezza da Basso

And PittiWay will transform Fortezza da Basso into a jungle of visual information, including totems, strips and LEDs that will illuminate the evening hours, with a series of installations followed by the architect Alessandro Moradei. A multitude of signs that borrow the sign language and reinterpret it with pop and original graphics. Which direction to take? In fashion, the choice is not mandatory, the sense is not always unique and the path is not necessarily linear.