Xmas Comics e Games 2022 at the Oval Lingotto Fiere

Xmas Comics e Games 2022

Xmas Comics e Games 2022
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From 3 to 4 December, Xmas Comics e Games 2022 will return to Turin, now in its eighth edition.
This year the Christmas party dedicated to comics, games, videogames and cosplay conquers the Oval Lingotto Fiere, a former Olympic structure of 20,000 square meters. Here the two-day event will be made up of an exhibition area, a stage dedicated to cosplay competitions and karaoke, a space for lovers of role-playing and board games. There will be numerous avant-garde stations for videogaming, with freeplay tournaments and games and finally an entertainment area with reproductions of movie scenarios and costumes, fights with lightsabers and escape rooms.

Nerds at the center of the 2022 edition

The theme of this Xmas Comics e Games 2022 is the “Celebrating nerds culture”, a tribute to the history of nerd culture from the beginning to today. At the beginning, the term nerd had a derogatory and offensive meaning, while among fans of technology, fantasy, science fiction, board games and role-playing games, it indicated asocial and overly intellectual characters.
Today, however, nerd is no longer the young man with thick glasses, but a person with precise skills and aware of his own value, even ideological.
Inside the Oval of Xmas Comics e Games 2022, real rooms will be set up where visitors will be able to relive the atmosphere of the nerd bedrooms from the 70s to today, discovering the symbolic objects of the nerd culture of the reference decade.
Like the consoles – the Atari 2600, the Commodore 64 and the Nintendo Nes up to the Playstation and the Xbox -, the video games – Tetris and Super Mario Bros up to the Pokemon and League of Legends -, the movie and TV series posters. Of course the comics, from Marvel superheroes to Tex, from Dylan Dog to manga.
The rooms will be interactive: the public will be able to sit and try the video game consoles, with the iconic game of the decade.

The cosplay world

Xmas Comics e Games 2022 https://xmascomics.it/ is one of the main national meeting places for the cosplay world, with numerous events and activities organized in collaboration with the Cospa Family association. Cosplay contests are scheduled, with hundreds of participants every year, with various categories in competition, from the best male and female costume to the best group, from the best interpretation to the best accessory.
In addition to the classic cosplay contest, the qualification stage for the international DeTo Cosplay Crown competition is back, in which qualified cosplayers from countries all over Europe participate. The finals will take place in 2023 in Monthey, Switzerland, on the occasion of the Destination Tokyo event.
On stage there are also thematic workshops on the world of cosplay, Karaoke and Karacosplay, the costume karaoke contest where a quality jury evaluates the participants for their vocal skills and for the interpretation of the character.