124th edition of Fieracavalli Verona: the equestrian chain

124th edizione Fieracavalli Verona

124th edizione Fieracavalli Verona
[:it]124th edizione Fieracavalli Verona[:]

From 3 to 6 November at Veronafiere the doors of the 124th edizione Fieracavalli Verona opened, which this year returns to the original four-day format.

Luca Zaia, president of the Veneto Region, and Damiano Tommasi, mayor of Verona also took part in the inauguration. Also present on behalf of Veronafiere were the president Federico Bricolo and the CEO Maurizio Danese.
The new Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty Francesco Lollobrigida also spoke at the opening conference.
With 2,375 horses of 60 races, the equestrian world is once again the protagonist in Verona with 12 pavilions to visit for a total of 128 thousand square meters, 695 exhibiting companies from 25 countries. Two hundred scheduled events, including competitions, shows and conferences.

Horse Friendship Award presented

Among the novelties of the 124th edizione Fieracavalli Verona www.fieracavalli.it, we should mention the Horse Friendship award, in memory of the recently deceased journalist Lamberti Zanardi.
A great friend of the equestrian event, Federica Lamberti Zanardi has always passionately dedicated herself to promoting the man-horse relationship. In particular, its application in therapy for subjects with the autism spectrum. Through the search for authentic stories of redemption to tell, she was able to turn the spotlight on this theme, which is also dear to the Veronese event.
To honor her memory and her commitment, the award will be given to figures from the equestrian world – and beyond – who work every day to make known to the general public the precious and often therapeutic relationship that can be established between man and horse.
In fact, the award aims to reward the person who best knew how to convey to the public the relationship that can bind man and horse on an annual basis.
This year the award will be given to Kim Rossi Stuart for her latest film “Brado”, in cinemas from 20 October.
The award was officially presented on the occasion of the Riding the Blue – Charity & Dinner Gala, which opened on November 3 at the 124th edizione Fieracavalli Verona in the Pala Volkswagen.