Fieracavalli Verona 2022 edition: Sapori di Razza kicks off

Fieracavalli Verona 2022 edition

Fieracavalli Verona edizione 2022
[:it]Fieracavalli Verona edizione 2022[:]

Starting on 3rd and ending on 6th November at Veronafiere, Fieracavalli Verona 2022 edition will meet business, sport, lifestyle, entertainment, territories and digital innovation.
A perfect synthesis, capable of involving everyone in the most transversal way: companies, operators and experts, athletes, lovers of “slow” tourism and families. This is because the event is the only one able to represent and enhance every aspect of the equestrian chain.
Among the most interesting novelties of this 124th edition, the new double competition “Sapori di Razza” should be mentioned.

Alessandro Borghese

Chef Borghese guest of the first edition

Sapori Di Razza Street Food will acclaim the best restaurant on two wheels present at the fair, while Sapori Di Razza Città Di Verona will involve the Typical Restaurants recognized by the Municipality of Verona who will be asked to create a dish dedicated to Fieracavalli Verona 2022 edition. All according to precise shared guidelines, to enhance the link between the city and its oldest and most popular trade fair event.
Special guest of this first edition of the contest the chef and showman Alessandro Borghese, for some years with his wife and daughters frequenter of the equestrian world.

The public is also on the jury

It will therefore be Alessandro Borghese who will tell the public, through the official social channels of Fieracavalli Verona 2022 edition, how important the equestrian and agricultural culture of our territories is and how it has influenced the recipes of the most famous Italian and Venetian regional dishes. in particular.
A jury of experts, composed of a representative of Veronafiere, the deputy director of La Repubblica, an influencer from the equestrian sector and a Veronese chef, to decide the two winners.

To make the difference on the final decision of the jury there will also be the public of fans and onlookers who, during the 4 days of the event, will be asked to vote on the event website for the best of the two categories.
The award ceremony will take place live on Instagram on November 6 at 12.15 in outdoor area A directly by chef Alessandro Borghese.