Fieragricola Tech 2023 debuts in February in Verona

Fieragricola Tech 2023

Fieragricola Tech 2023
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Fieragricola Tech 2023, first edition scheduled at Veronafiere from 1 and 2 February, will have three specific focuses in the field of technologies: renewable energy in agriculture, digital agriculture and smart irrigation.

Fieragricola Tech 2023

Thanks to the financial endowment envisaged by the NRP, our country can count on a resource plan that exceeds one billion euros for medium and large-sized agrovoltaic plants. In addition to 1.5 billion euros for the construction of the agricultural park to encourage the installation of solar energy panels on the roofs of buildings for productive use in the agricultural, livestock and agro-industrial sectors.
This will also be discussed in the new vertical event at Fieragricola Tech 2023 which aims to promote innovation as a solution to the needs of increasing agricultural production, reducing waste, ensuring sustainable management of water resources, promoting economic, environmental and social sustainability by guaranteeing full implementation of circular economy solutions, automation and competitiveness of agricultural enterprises and primary supply chains.

Fieragricola Tech 2023: investing in innovation

During the webinar, which presented the two days of in-depth analysis, training and business meetings for operators in the sector, Michela Demofonti, coordinator of the ItaliaSolare Agro-Fv working group, stressed: “Among the benefits of agrovoltaics there is the possibility of the simultaneous use of the territory for agriculture and for the production of electricity from photovoltaics. This allows us to increase the resilience of agricultural land, diversify sources of income and create added value to rural areas ”.
Fieragricola Tech 2023: according to Italia Solare calculations, 41.4 GW of new photovoltaic installations and new power are needed by 2030. In particular, it would require about 54,000 hectares of surface, 30% of which could exploit the roofs. Therefore, as Michela Demofonti recalled, the necessary agricultural area is less than 38,000 hectares, equivalent to 0.23% of the total agricultural area.
However, a gear change is required. Marino Berton of Esco Agroenergetica (Cia-AgricoltoriItaliani) reported: “During the first half of 2021 photovoltaic systems for 362 MW were installed in Italy. 2,500 MW every semester, that is almost 7 times as much “.