MIG 2022 and GELATO on the road

MIG 2022

MIG 2022
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MIG 2022 is getting ready for the inauguration on November 27 at the Longarone (Bl) exhibition center, where it will end on November 30. This international ice cream exhibition will also focus on sustainability, take-away and delivery, new players in the business, seasonal adjustment.

GELATOn the road

The first European itinerary dedicated to a food

Among the novelties of an international push increasingly present in the event dedicated to artisanal ice cream, the support from the Council of Europe, partner in a new project.
After an idea born in Longarone in 2012 was recognized as the Gelato Day, the first European day dedicated to a food that is celebrated on March 24, now comes “GELATOn the road”, the proposal of the first European itinerary dedicated to a food, or ice cream.
As underlined at MIG 2022 by Gian Angelo Bellati, president of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti: “We can say that Longarone Fiere has played bingo because if we think that in 2022 we won this very important project, approved and financed by the European Commission, an itinerary recognized by the of Venice of the Council of Europe, which also aims to recognize these very important itineraries, which attract activities, attract culture and move people and goods… ”.
A path that goes from Georgia to Spain, passing through Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg. “A great itinerary that aims to retrace all the knowledge, culture, museums of ice cream”.

MIG 2022 is a very long journey

GELATO on the road has focused on artisanal ice cream as a consumer tourism product to be promoted, but also to promote knowledge of craftsmanship throughout Europe. Artisan ice cream represents excellence in terms of quality and food safety.
Being health-oriented, this food is obtained with traditional methods to reduce the use of plastics and embrace a Green Economy development model, aimed at limiting the use of plastic and waste. In addition, artisanal ice cream supports the km0 initiative, which enhances the agri-food products of each individual Member State, obtaining great feedback from consumers.

MIG 2022 https://www.mostradelgelato.com/ is a very long path, which is important for Longarone, because the city is at the center of this project – worth 3 million euros -, while the leader of the project is Longarone Dolomites Fairs. Alongside these institutions there are many partners: from the Venetian Cluster (Italy) to the Ita-Bel Chamber of Commerce (Belgium), to Agrifood Partnership of Western Greece (Greece), Women Business Council of Georgia (Georgia), Uniteis e.V. (Germany), the CCIL Chamber (Luxembourg), and others.